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Why a Customer Success Strategy Can Make a Difference

Simone Rothmund, Team Lead Customer Success

Employee Spotlight: Simone Rothmund, Team Lead Customer Success

Customer Success, Customer Care, and Customer Support – There are many terms that come up again and again when it comes to customer services, and they often cause confusion. What do they mean and what are the exact differences?

Simone Rothmund has built up the Customer Success team at AnyDesk and knows how to answer these questions. As part of our Inside AnyDesk series, Simone talks about her work with customers, the difference between Customer Care and Customer Success, and her mission at AnyDesk.

AnyDesk: Why don’t you briefly introduce yourself to our readers? Tell us a little bit about your background and your role at AnyDesk?

Simone: I’ve been working at AnyDesk for a year and have been leading the Customer Success team since September. I originally studied advertising and marketing, and now I’m building the Customer Success department at AnyDesk, as I did at my previous company.

AnyDesk: That already brings us to the topic of Customer Success – what is that anyway?

Simone: When I started at AnyDesk, we didn’t have a Customer Success department, and of course everyone had a different opinion about what Customer Success actually was. The first thing I had to do was define what Customer Success means at AnyDesk. For me, the distinction from Customer Care, or the Support team, was very important.

The biggest difference is that the support team is reactive, whereas we are proactive. Whenever a customer has a specific question about using AnyDesk, they contact Customer Care, and their team responds. We, however, are proactive even before customers contact Support, for example, by offering onboardings. Customer Success is quite simply part of the product.

AnyDesk: What exactly does working in the Customer Success team look like and how does it impact customer relationships?

Simone: The most important thing for me is harmony within the team and well-functioning collaboration. Everyone is equally involved and there is no strict hierarchy. On Mondays, we have a coffee meeting where we talk about things that have nothing to do with work.

Our mission is customer satisfaction, and we achieve that by onboarding customers properly from the very start. We believe that support shouldn’t end when the deal is closed, so our work with the customer doesn’t end with onboarding either, we also collect valuable feedback from them. This feedback directly feeds into the production of our products and ultimately helps the customer find even more uses for their AnyDesk subscription.

AnyDesk: So you’re also a link between departments?

Simone: Exactly, we work closely with Sales, Marketing, and Product Management.

AnyDesk: Do you have a few examples of the questions that come up the most with your customers?

Simone: That’s difficult to say. Of course, the use of AnyDesk and the goals our customers want to achieve with it vary from customer to customer. Sometimes we find out during discussions that the customer had imagined the application differently, so we take that information and help them to get to their destination.

Some of our customers want to minimize their travel budget and therefore offer a remote desktop solution. Others may want to give external consultants access to their product with AnyDesk. In such cases, it’s important to figure out how to use AnyDesk in the most secure way. We show them that they can accomplish their goals with our solution.

A good example of this is when using the hybrid work model, where some employees work from home, while others are still at the office. Employees at the office might be able to see the remote screen of their co-workers at home and possibly view sensitive data. To prevent that, Privacy Mode can be activated where the remote screen then turns black and can’t be viewed. Some customers don’t even know this mode exists.

AnyDesk: What do you enjoy most about your job in Customer Success?

Simone: The diverse customer contact as I’m not a fan of piecework. Because every customer uses AnyDesk differently, my job never gets boring. The exchange with colleagues is also great fun.

Many large projects at AnyDesk are carried out by all departments, and you don’t just work in your own small group, but with everyone else. This then leads to small and large moments of success that you can share with others.

AnyDesk: Is that what you like most about AnyDesk as a company?

Simone: Absolutely. It feels like a small family, even though the company is growing so fast. In the past, I had looked into remote jobs and after working at AnyDesk, I couldn’t imagine that at all now. I enjoy being in the office and playing foosball during breaks or meeting up with colleagues after work.

AnyDesk: What are you looking forward to in the future?

Simone: I’m looking forward to continuing my journey at AnyDesk and being part of a team that positively impacts our customers experience with us.


Good customer service is essential, and not just for AnyDesk’s Customer Success team. The entire customer service sector is in a state of flux. Ensuring customers that they receive not only the fastest but also the most superior form of service is now a fundamental pillar of excellent customer success management. Increasing customer retention and customer loyalty go hand in hand.

In a previous article, Simone talked about the impact of digitization. Learn how tech trends are changing the future of customer service.

IT teams have the responsibility of ensuring that their customers always have an excellent experience, but keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult. We recommend our Remote Support Guide which provides insights into how you can improve your processes, and achieve better results for your customers. If you want to elevate the service experience for your customers, this is the right guide for you!

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