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Customer Service Redefined – 3 Questions to Our Experts

Web Summit 2021 Masterclass Customer Service

How Customer Expectations Change the Service We Need to Provide

Interacting with customers can be a challenge. Problems need to be solved asap and long waiting times have become unacceptable. If you sell a product or service, you will most likely have a customer support team in place that assists customers with questions and problems.

Keeping the customer satisfaction high has always been the ultimate goal, but it seems this goal is becoming increasingly harder to achieve. The past two years have accelerated a change in customer service, moving simplicity and instant solution management to the center of this domain.

In a recent blog post, we have talked about technology trends and simplicity as a service. As the Web Summit in Lisbon will take place soon, we would like to pick up this interesting topic. In this blog article we will give you a little sneak peek into the Masterclass that we will be hosting there exclusively. We have interviewed our presenter duo Simone and Holger to get an insight into their roles and thoughts about the future of Customer Service.

Meet Simone

Simone Rothmund, Team Lead Customer Success at AnyDesk, is a true Customer Service Enthusiast. She has established and shaped the Customer Success department in two SaaS companies already.

Simone, what is your understanding of good customer service in 2021?

Peoples’ perceptions of good service are evolving ever since and are lately mostly shaped by last years’ events. Furthermore, expectations are shifting to match new dynamics driven by digitalization and experiences with new business models.

When it comes to SaaS products the consumers’ buying decision processes are not as considerate as for physical products that come with great one-time costs or capital expenditure. At the same time, customers have the option to cancel at any time, putting them in a stronger position than the SaaS provider.

As a result, excellent customer service is now expected to be prompt, personalized, and proactive. Long waiting times or lengthy investigations are no longer acceptable. Data-driven approaches can help to anticipate user behavior and support them proactively throughout the entire customer journey. Immediate assistance from any location via remote connection to any device became not only possible but a prerequisite for a great product experience.

What are you looking forward to at Web Summit?

I am looking forward to learning about the latest tech trends and connecting with people whose mindsets are shaping the future.

What is your top future tech trend?

One of the most significant trends in customer service, in my opinion, is AI-driven service and automation. Chatbots and human service are already coexisting, assisting clients along their journey. However, there’s a lot of room to improve that experience and make it more like a human interaction.

Meet Holger

Holger, VP Commercial at AnyDesk, is a passionate leader in the Tech Industry who has been fascinated by the Digital Transformation for many years.

Holger, what is your view on great customer service in 2021?

Service has become increasingly difficult since the pandemic, especially as physical meetings are more and more impossible in many companies. With the restriction of international travel even service for industrial machines was heavily impacted, i.e. maintenance had to be postponed.

Companies that invested early in IoT and that made customer service a core part of their product offerings have come out as the winners of this situation. Experience has shown that customer care and customer service are no longer a part of aftersales only – they have become a fundamental part of the decision-making process. While “service” is only a virtual meeting or remote connection away, the customers’ expectation regarding speed of service increased dramatically.

Nowadays, a technician does not need to be on-site with the customer to look at the machine. Downloading logs and going back to the office to analyze them just to return with a solution a few days later is no longer necessary. Times have changed: Today’s standard comes with an instant remote connection that allows for analyses, enabling service units to change configuration or correct system related issues. Of course, absolutely secure.

What are you looking forward to at Web Summit?

Web Summit is a great innovation hub. I’m excited to learn about brand new ideas, to meet start-ups and to see the latest developments and trends in terms of digital transformation. Of course, we will be seeing many of our clients, too. A fantastic opportunity to exchange!

What would you consider as a future tech trend?

IoT is here to stay. Smart devices will dominate our world. However, they will far better connect to each other than they are today.


Offering your customers a high quality service is essential. Excellent customer service is more than simply having a customer service team in place that reacts to emails and phone calls. Providing quick solutions by incorporating AI or an efficient Remote Support Software into your service strategy is key to success.

Analyze your customers to be able to predict their behavior, so your customer support team can approach them proactively. That way you minimize bad experiences for your clients and replace struggle with success. Improving the customer service experience and increasing customer loyalty should always be a priority on your list. Because at the end of the day your business will flourish if your customers are happy with your brand.

AnyDesk understands that excellent customer service can only be achieved with the right tools. Looking for a strong Remote Support Solution that is easy to roll out and meets the highest security standards? AnyDesk enables you to streamline your customer support to increase the efficiency of your business long-term.

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