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Latin America’s First Digital Nomad Village to Be Launched in Brazil

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A New Era of Digital Nomadism

The Digital Nomad lifestyle has been growing in popularity in recent years. Many people who work remotely choose to do so from different countries, enjoying the freedom that comes along with working while traveling around the world.

But, as amazing as that lifestyle sounds, Digital Nomads need to make sure their destinations have the infrastructure to accommodate their lifestyle. After all, they need a good internet connection, a proper Remote Work setup, and a comfortable home away from home.

That’s where the concept of Digital Nomad villages comes in. With scenic views, all the facilities remote workers need, and countless networking opportunities, these villages are designed with the sole intent of being the ideal spot for Digital Nomads.

The First Digital Nomad Village in Latin America

In an effort to attract remote workers and Digital Nomads to Brazil, the country has been investing in initiatives, such as the creation of a Digital Nomad visa, the first of its kind in South America. Brazil also supports partnerships between local governments and hotels to offer discounts on long-term stays, and now, invests in the creation of the first Digital Nomad village in Latin America.

The village, which is one of the few of its kind in the world, is being built in Pipa, a beach town located in northeast Brazil, the country’s sunniest region. The project is expected to attract remote workers from around the world, which will have a significant impact on the local economy.

In fact, Brazil’s Digital Nomad village is being built by the founder of the first Digital Nomad village in Europe, which was launched in Portugal in 2020 and proved to be immensely successful. In just two years, the Portuguese Digital Nomad village, located in Madeira, welcomed more than 5,000 remote workers, generating $30 million a year for the island.

The Growing Popularity of Remote Work

The creation of Digital Nomad villages around the world is no coincidence. Remote Work and digital nomadism have been growing exponentially in recent years, and those who aren’t tied to a traditional office setting often choose to work from different locations. And, with the rate of remote workers projected to continue growing, these specially designed villages should follow the same upward trend.

In fact, Remote and Hybrid Work models are becoming so popular that 200 million employees are expected to be working fully remotely by 2024. Additionally, according to the AnyDesk Remote Work Survey, 59% of employees would consider quitting their job if their employer stopped offering the option of working from home.

Those figures show that not only is Remote Work here to stay, but things are simply not going back to the way they were before. And, with so many workers freed from the traditional office environment, it’s no wonder that interest in Digital Nomad visas has been growing so rapidly.

More and More Countries Are Looking for Remote Workers

Besides Brazil, several other countries are invested in initiatives to attract remote workers and Digital Nomads, essentially competing for remote talent. That’s because countries are quickly realizing that there are economic benefits that come along with those who work remotely. After all, these workers not only support themselves but also generate revenue and boost the local economy.

Not only that, but remote workers and Digital Nomads also promote an exchange of knowledge and resources between different countries and cultures. That’s why being able to work from anywhere is not only beneficial for employees, but also for employers.

With that in mind, nearly 50 countries are currently offering some sort of Digital Nomad visa, each with their own specific requirements. From sunny tropical beaches to bustling metropolises and historic towns, remote workers can now choose to do their job from anywhere.


The days of working exclusively from the office are behind us. With Remote Work becoming more popular every day, governments are following suit in establishing new policies to attract remote workers and Digital Nomads.

Working from anywhere has never been easier and, with the right tool, you can have the perfect Remote Work experience. Discover how AnyDesk’s Remote Work Solution can help you work from Latin America’s first Digital Nomad village or anywhere else in the world, you choose the location.

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