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Simplicity as a Service – New Strategies for Customer Support

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How Tech Trends Influence the World of Customer Service

Digitization has become more important than ever. New technology trends shape the domain of customer support and their deployment can make quite a difference between average and great customer service. While some tech trends are here to stay, others might soon be outpaced and overrun by even better and faster technologies.

In a recent blog post, Holger Friesz, VP Commercial at AnyDesk, gave a sneak peek into the future of customer service. What role will new technologies play when it comes to assisting customers? Is simplicity a new trend that changes the way we communicate with customers and solve problems?

To stay competitive, it is always useful to keep an eye on new trends. Ask yourself: What services make sense for my customers? How can I support them even better? Are the technologies I am using really up to date and reflect the trend towards simplicity?

Time is money, so making things easier for your customers and your employees will lead to more efficiency and customer retention. Simplicity is one of the key terms to remember when speaking about future trends, not only in the field of technology but also in the world of customer service.

Simplicity in Technology

What does simplicity mean in terms of technology? Technology can help to simplify processes. We see this simplification in ticketing systems, for example, which help to organize your customers’ requests. But there is even more to it: Technology helps us to get instant access to information, no matter when or where. This can be done with the help of a chat functionality on a website, or a help center that delivers the answer to most common customer questions.

As a provider of a product or service, you might have already noticed a trend in customer expectations towards fast and speedy problem-solving. Customers are looking for instant solutions and expect customer support agents that are immediately available to help them out if they can’t find the answer on your website. Customer satisfaction dwindles quickly if your clients must wait a long time for issues to be solved properly.

Imagine how much time and frustration you can save your customers and your employees by investing in a ticketing system or by creating a proper self-help section on your website. Surely, not all problems your customers bring to your attention are easy peanuts. Sometimes, it takes the knowledge bases and expertise of a customer support team that investigates a case in detail. But a large proportion of customer inquiries can be served by providing most common answers easily accessible on your website in form of an FAQ.

When it comes to software, lightweight applications and ease of use are essential. No one wants to spend a lot of time trying to understand how things work. Using a software for your customer support that is operating intuitively provides for happy customers and happy employees at the same time. Simplicity becomes a service, valued by everyone, saving you precious time and money.  

A New Level of Simplicity with Remote Desktop Software

As a business, it is important to provide the proper framework for your customer support team. Especially in the field of IT products and services, being able to give efficient Remote Support is essential. Instead of wasting time by sending e-mails back and forth without determining or solving the problem, you can reap the benefits of a Remote Desktop Solution.

An agile Remote Support tool allows you to access another device in real time – from tablet and mobile device to classical desktop PC. It enables you to provide support flexibly from anywhere at any time and to solve your customers’ problems quickly and efficiently. Easy to use and quickly implemented into your company’s existing IT infrastructure, Remote Support software will elevate the quality of your customer service long-term.

If your employees are being given the right tool to provide fast, simple, and easy Remote Support, you are ensuring high quality service that is in sync with your customers’ expectations. Speed and simplicity can only be achieved if the tools at hand are advanced enough to adapt to these changed expectations.

The Evolution of Customer Service

From phone calls to e-mails all the way to the idea of Self-Service: Nowadays, good customer service revolves around the customer experience. One important element of contemporary customer service is agility. The recent pandemic has taught us an important lesson: We witnessed how flexible and agile we all have become with the help of technology.

Processes become simpler and faster when they get transferred into a digital environment. This velocity must translate into agility and, ultimately, flow into the customer experience. Certainly, technology plays a key role here – whether we think about digital help centers, customer portals, chatbots, or instantly accessible information. However, we must not forget that the actual experience is about human beings – your customers.

In some cases, it will still be essential to assist customers personally to fix their problems. Simplicity as a Service paired with an empathetic and passionate customer support team that has the right tools at hand is the ultimate key to success. It is your support rep who usually steps in when your FAQ and help center cannot bring the solution your customer needs. Even in the age of technology, interacting with customers remains an important aspect for delivering great customer support.


Customer service is constantly evolving, as new tech trends change the technical landscape in which support teams operate. Having call centers in place, at some point in time, was the newest trend. Later, live chats emerged to replace classical call centers, but all these trends have long been surpassed by more sophisticated technologies.

However, it is not just technology that continuously redefines how we provide support to our customers. A changing customer expectation towards simplicity and instant problem-solving requires businesses to think outside the box. Investing in a Remote Support Solution will streamline your customer service and optimize your workflows, especially in the field of IT.

Looking for a Remote Support Solution that is easy to implement, fulfils the highest security standards, and solves problems in no time? Discover how AnyDesk has helped companies and organizations worldwide to improve the quality of their Remote Support.

To provide excellent service, IT teams have to stay on top of the latest technology. We recommend our Remote Support Guide to help you improve your processes and deliver a better experience for your customers.

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