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Simplicity as a Service

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AnyDesk @ Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal

How do Tech Trends influence the world of Customer Service?

Digitization has become more important than ever. A significant part of the whole process are new technology trends. Some of them are meant to stay, others maybe not. Holger Friesz, VP Commercial at AnyDesk, discussed several future trends and influences such as Self-Service or AI a few weeks ago in a blog post.

To stay competitive, it is always useful to keep an eye on new trends. Ask yourself: What makes sense for my customers? How can I support them even better? It is no secret: time is often money. And making things easier and simplifying processes helps to save time. Therefore, simplicity is one of the key terms, not only in technology.

Simplicity in Technology

What does simplicity mean in terms of technology? As already mentioned, technology can help to simplify processes: for example, a ticketing system that helps to organize your customers’ requests. But there is even more to it: Technology helps us to get instant access to information, no matter when or where. This can be done with the help of a chat functionality on a website, or a help center that delivers the answer to most common customer questions.

If we speak about software, lightweight applications and ease of use are essential. No one wants to spend a lot of time in trying to understand how things work. Using a software for Customer Support that is intuitively operating provides for happy customers and happy employees at the same time. Simplicity becomes a service, valued by everyone.   

The Evolution of Customer Service

From phone calls to e-mails all the way to the idea of Self-Service: Nowadays, Customer Service revolves around the Customer Experience. One important element of contemporary Customer Service is agility. The recent Corona pandemic has taught us an important lesson as we witnessed how flexible we all have become with the help of digital.

Processes become simpler and faster when they get transferred into a digital environment. This velocity must translate into agility and ultimately flow into the Customer Experience. Certainly, technology plays a key role here – whether we think about digital help centers, customer portals, chatbots, or instantly accessible information. However, we must not forget that the actual experience is about human beings – your customers!

Meet us at the Web Summit

Do you want to learn more about further trends? Are you as excited about Simplicity as a Service as we are?

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