Cybercrime is a reality for anyone who interacts with the digital world. Every day, hackers improve their techniques and search for new ways to penetrate systems. Individuals and businesses alike must be vigilant in their cybersecurity practices to avoid becoming victims of cyberattacks. The risk of being infected by cyber attacks can be reduced significantly by following security rules. Find out more by reading this article.

This week we’re excited to introduce our latest update: AnyDesk 3.4.1 for Windows is now available! Our new features and improvements are based on feedback from many customers in the past months. Find out the highlights this release has to offer by reading this article!

Today millions of workers around the world can access documents and files from anywhere. The rise of remote access tools mean that workers can even leave their laptops at home and curate their desktop or download files using just their smartphone. Are you looking for a remote software solution? Opening up your company systems to remote access is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly! These are the five “‘P’s” that you must take into account when choosing a remote desktop solution.