Improving security with AnyDesk 3.0

by Maria Alonso

We now live in a world that is more connected than ever. Whether or not you realize it, Internet and technology touch all aspects of our daily lives. With a security breach happening just about every day, providing secure remorte support has become a top of mind for many organizations. While this provides amazing business opportunities, it also creates a complex challenge to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information and systems. That´s why we take security very seriously and we work hard every day to improve our standards. Last week we launched our newest version: AnyDesk 3.0 which comes loaded with a new security feature: access control (whitelists).

Today we've just released the long-awaited new version of AnyDesk which includes address book management. As you people know we take our time in order to truly meet to the high standards in security and quality of our software. So while this is still a Beta version, it's almost perfectly stable and public: and that means you're free to download and try it. Find out the highlights this release has to offer by reading this article!

Take a sneak peek at AnyDesk 3.0

by Maria Alonso

The new version of AnyDesk is almost here and it comes loaded with a new feature that has been requested by many customers: an Address book that allows you to have all the computers that you want to remotely control together in one convenient place. You will be able to set up groups and directly access the computer that you want to control remotely with just one click.
But that´s not the only highlight, find out the very cool things our upcoming release has to offer by reading this article.