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Technology Trends 2022: From Remote Work to IoT


Discover the Newest Technology Trends for the Coming Year

Looking back at 2021, it has been an exciting year for technology enthusiasts. The Digital Transformation has taken a big leap forward, simplifying our jobs and everyday lives in many ways.

In fact, the digitization of some sectors has been massively accelerated as they have been presented with new challenges, for example with regards to Remote Work, Virtual Meetings, or File Management.

No matter what industry we look at, the influence of technology has become bigger than ever. In everyday life, as well as in our jobs, we use at least one laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. The use goes far beyond simple office communication. Huge piles of paper on desks are now a relic of the past, and the use of cloud-based services has become completely common.

As the year is coming to an end, you may wonder what 2022 has in store when it comes to Tech Trends. What is here to stay, and what new trends will we be presented with? We asked around in the team to hear what kind of trend everyone is especially looking forward to.

1. Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Whether we look at product recommendations in web shops, route suggestions from navigations, or even medical diagnoses, predictions and decision-making based on a previously unimaginable quantity of datasets has become much more of a reality than ever before. Many business sectors have already begun reaping the benefits of data science in their daily operations, resulting in heavily improved customer satisfaction and reduced manual workload for their employees.

Our Team Lead Machine Learning and Data Analytics Hong Seon Ha says: “I am confident that the impact of data science will continue to expand in 2022, further enriching the everyday lives of both the business people and the average consumers alike, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to be part of this trend at AnyDesk.”

2. Cloud Computing & Software-as-a-Service

Considering the vast amounts of data that we now process on a daily basis, it is a logical consequence that cloud services have become very popular – in our private lives, but also in a business context.

As more and more enterprises build hybrid and remote work environments while adopting data-driven business models, cloud computing will continue to enjoy popularity in professional environments. Organizations of different sizes and industries will have more choices in how they use the cloud and how they benefit from this investment for their specific needs.

Nevertheless, On-Premises installations will continue to be important and play a crucial role in 2022. This will mainly apply to companies and organizations with specific IT requirements, for example from the science and research sector, or educational and governmental institutions.

3. Remote & Hybrid Work Environments

Remote Work has become very popular throughout the last years, not only for self-employed people. In this context, security plays an important role, especially in times of increased cybercrime. Furthermore, fast access to files and large amounts of data often create challenges for Digital Nomads that deal with images, videos, or other large files.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, companies realized that the possibility to work from home or other spaces may motivate many employees as they can balance their private lives with their jobs even better when working from home. At the same time, it is fundamental for employees to have a solid framework for their work-from-home environment. Access to files, or even to their computer in the office, should be possible without any delay.

Our Social Media Manager Nik has gained valuable insights into the life of a Digital Nomad as he worked remotely in Mexico earlier this year. Technology plays a crucial part when it comes to establishing a productive Remote Work environment. He is looking forward to more inspiring Remote Work experiences in 2022, and he is sure that this is not only a trend, but a new fundamental pillar within our professional lives.

His recommendation: “When you decide to work remotely from a certain place, you need to ensure that you have access to a stable and secure internet connection. Furthermore, as a Digital Marketer it is extremely helpful to access work files remotely, so you don’t have to carry around photos or videos on storage devices, but instead simply access your machine at home via a Remote Access Tool.”

4. Remote Leadership & Collaboration

With more and more people working from home or even from other places, leadership and digital collaboration have undergone a transformation. These are some of the questions that leaders need to address now and in the future:

  • How do I make sure my team has secure and easy access to data?
  • How do I ensure seamless communication in a virtual environment?
  • How does the team securely share data within the organization and with other organizations?

Our Team Lead of Content Marketing Kathrin is convinced that remote leadership requires a healthy mix of secure technology and empathic people to navigate through new work environments. “Half of my team works from home, and we can only ensure efficient collaboration with the right tools. We have a central place to share files, and we work with our own Remote Access Software to ensure safe and fast access to files, including artwork or website content. Furthermore, the social aspect should not be neglected. I like the idea of establishing short daily virtual check-ins and coffee breaks from time to time to keep in touch with the team.”

5. Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence

According to Forbes, “the Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that describes the increasingly sophisticated ecosystems of online, connected devices we share our world with.”

Now that we have the ability to connect a multitude of devices to each other, we can truly leverage the power of smart processes and reach a new dimension of efficiency and ease of use. From coffee machines and TVs all the way to wind parks and solar panels, the IoT fascinates us with a variety of use cases.

But as a result, the IoT creates a few challenges, including security. Looking at the growing amount of cybersecurity attacks, an additional layer of security is indispensable, no matter if we look at private usage or industrial use cases.

2022 Tech Trends

There are certainly many more technology trends to look at in 2022! Technology is constantly evolving, which makes this field so exciting. As tech enthusiasts, we will closely observe what else 2022 has in store for us and how we can leverage the power of technology.

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