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Remote Work: Challenges and Productivity Tips

Ways to overcome challenges while working remotely

How To Tackle Home Office Challenges Successfully

Remote Work is nothing new. While many professionals have been forced to adjust to a new digital-first work structure during the pandemic, several companies already had a routine work-from-home procedure in place. Whether you are new to Remote Work or used to this digital-first approach, there are challenges that persist regardless of your experience level.

While working remotely comes with its own set of perks, it can also present some unique challenges. Take your work device, for example. In several situations, it may not be ideal to remove your work computer from the office. Whether you work with sensitive data, can’t connect to the company VPN from your remote location, or simply need to keep company property within company walls, your work lives within your work device. This can present a variety of problems. Remote Access to your work device is essential for your productivity and your company’s data security.

Let’s explore some of the most common challenges of Remote Work and uncover some productivity tips that will help you resolve these challenges with ease.

Top 5 Remote Work Challenges

Remote Work can be challenging. There are distractions, security issues, and collaboration pitfalls. What are some of the most common challenges people face when working remotely? Let’s review some of the common culprits here.

1. Environmental Distractions

One of the most frustrating things about working remotely is the distractions that come with it. Whether it’s your dog barking at the mail man, your child needing a snack, or a repairman fixing your washer, something is always happening behind the scenes at home. It is difficult to remove yourself from those distractions and get into a working mindset when there are so many other things vying for your attention.

2. Data & Information Security

Your company’s data is proprietary and sensitive, so it’s crucial to keep it secure. When you access this information from your personal computer without an encrypted connection, you are opening your company’s proprietary data to malicious cyberattacks. This can be detrimental to your company’s bottom line. If hackers can access your data, they can use it to steal funds, intellectual property, and more. Make sure that you have a secure internet connection and access your company’s data securely so that this does not happen to you.

3. Office Space

Whether you live in a large house or have a small apartment, your office space sets the tone for your day. It doesn’t matter if you are working from the kitchen table or secured in a private room of your home, if your space is not organized, clean, and inviting for work, your work is harder to accomplish. It’s important to make sure that you select a workspace that helps you get down to business.

4. Access to Your Company VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private connection that encrypts data and protects it while it travels from place to place online. Companies use VPNs to help secure the information that their employees are accessing from outside parties that could use the data maliciously. While accessing a VPN is not always a difficult task, the company’s IT team has to set up permissions and access to the VPN connection. This can get a little tricky when it comes to remote workers using personal computers and devices, especially if those devices are outside of the VPN’s range. Remote Access Software is a safe and great VPN alternative.

5. Secure Collaboration with Team Mates

Remote Work can also be a challenge when it comes to collaboration. Whether you are working on a document together, training an employee on a new skill, or troubleshooting a technical issue, Remote Collaboration can be difficult when you’re not in the same room. Even given video conferencing and screen sharing tools, security remains an issue if you are using your personal device or having issues connecting to the company’s VPN.

5 Tips for Productivity When Working from Home

While challenges persist for anyone working remotely, there are ways to manage these difficulties during your workday. Here are a few productivity tips for making your Remote Work as efficient as possible.

1. Set Boundaries

Working from home can have its challenges, but you can manage your distractions by setting boundaries in your home. Whether it’s a physical boundary like a door that you can close when things get too loud or a more behavioral boundary like leaving a note on the door for the delivery man to skip the doorbell, it’s important to outline what makes work feel most productive and comfortable for you at home. 

2. Use Privacy Mode to Protect Your Data 

You can access your work laptop remotely through a personal device using a Remote Access Solution. When you do this, you are securely interacting with your work files and company data through Unattended Access. Unattended Access enables you to set a password on your remote device so that you can access it without the need to wait for someone to manually accept your session request. However, when you use Unattended Access to log remotely into your work computer, you may be worried that unauthorized individuals can see your screen at the office. 

If you’re working with sensitive information, this could pose a threat. With AnyDesk’s Privacy Mode feature, you can blacken the screen of your work device while accessing all of your important data from your personal device. This can be very useful if you have to maintain devices that are visible in an open-office work environment, or if you need to access a device that is visible to the public. By accessing your work computer from your personal device, you are securely connected to your work files, data, and using the AnyDesk network for a more private browsing and collaboration experience.

3. Reorganize Your Desk or Office

Your work space matters. If things are cluttered or surrounded by other distractions, you may never get into a rhythm of working productively. Make sure you have an organized place to take notes, hop on video calls, and remain in a clear mindset. While some prefer an office with a door to close, that may not be an option for you. If that is the case, make sure that you can give yourself as much quiet as possible by managing the distractions around you. If you have family members at home during the day, set “office hours” for non-emergencies. If you are working from the kitchen table, move to a bedroom or other empty area around lunchtime to make sure you get the quiet you need to focus.

4. Log Remotely into Your Work Computer

Security is a top priority in today’s business world, so it’s important for you to keep your work files and data safe from malicious attacks. By leaving your work device at the office and remotely accessing it from your home computer, you can connect to the AnyDesk network and collaborate with teammates securely. Remote Access has a variety of benefits. With password protected, Unattended Access to your work device, secured within your company walls, you are protecting your company’s proprietary ideas and data from cyberattacks, while efficiently working from home on your personal device.

5. Collaborate Securely with Whiteboarding

Collaboration is key when it comes to tight deadlines, project performance, and collective success. That’s why it’s imperative to collaborate securely while your team is remote. With a Remote Desktop Solution, you can easily connect to your work computer remotely while maintaining the same security you would have working from the office. Plus, a Whiteboard feature allows you to share information on your screen, draw on top of the picture, and write notes, enabling you to train new employees, share ideas during meetings, or troubleshoot devices that are having issues.

There are many benefits to Remote Access. Discover how to easily establish a Remote Work environment in your business and achieve ultimate efficiency with AnyDesk! We provide paid business licenses for every corporate need and are flexibly scalable. Explore the benefits of AnyDesk and start working remotely with ease.

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