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Where to Work, if Not From Home?

working outside with anydesk

Alternative Locations to Working from Home

You’ve probably been working from home for a while now. How are you doing? Have the walls closed in on you yet? Adjusting to Remote Work can be challenging. Maybe there are too many distractions, perhaps you simply don’t have enough space, or maybe your spouse also works from home and you’re in each other’s way. We can help if you need a change of scenery, because thanks to AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software, you can work from anywhere.


The benefits of working outside include getting fresh air and the chance to enjoy spring while also working at the same time. If you don’t have a balcony, many outside areas like parks offer public Wi-Fi. Consider the disadvantages before setting up camp outside though. You are more or less exposed to the weather and all the noises of the outside world and you can’t take gear like a printer with you. However, working outside could be a nice alternative for a couple of hours a week. It’s a breath of fresh air in your work routine—literally.

At a Friend’s House

While some households have reached full capacity, others lie empty. Chances are you know someone in your life who isn’t home during your regular work hours. You could basically form a living community and share the apartment. If you trust the person and they trust you, exchanging keys for a bit shouldn’t be a problem and you can also watch the home while they’re gone.

In a Hotel Room

Some hotels rent out rooms for workers, offering you an office experience, including all the necessary gear like printers, etc. Look out for hotels in your area that are affordable and suitable for your needs. The drive to your new office space itself can already clear your head and get you in the zone. That way, you can distinctly separate your private life from your work life.

In a Café

It’s actually easy to understand why coffee shops are the go-to spot for remote workers: You get your caffeine on, grab a snack when you want one, and there’s WiFi. You may even be inspired by all of the other remote workers toiling away at their laptops. The combination of WiFi, snacks and a bit of noise can make coffee shops an ideal setting to get things done. The only downside to coffee shops is its nature to get very busy. So if your local coffee shop gets to crowded, maybe this isn’t the best option for you.

Local Library

One of the best places to work is your local library. Quiet, secluded, and no interruptions create for an ideal environment to work from. Libraries are a place where you can get things done and work most efficiently. Libraries are among the most unique, important, and useful buildings in the world. Libraries offer free WiFi, comfortable seating and tables for quiet reading activities, access to computers if you need to do research, a relaxing environment free of distractions, and free programs for all ages.


We’re not drinking, we’re working. Microbreweries are a favorite of freelancers who need a change of scenery. Usually, in the afternoon, these locations are actually quiet — or have just enough background noise to keep you productive. What’s more, you can have lunch here if you want. And, not all do microbreweries only serve beer. In fact, there’s a brewery near me that makes their own coffee.

Whether you choose one new location or alternate between several, changing up your routine can provide a fresh backdrop for renewed productivity. You may find that one works better for you or for certain types of work. Experiment and see what works best for you!

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