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The Life of a Digital Nomad

Our Marketing Intern, Christy, Tells us Everything About her Digital Nomad Life

Seeing the world is on top of many of our own bucket lists. But often life gets in the way, and we just can’t find the time to travel around as much as we’d like to. The great thing about modern technology is that now we don’t need to take time off from work to travel, so we’re not restricted to only a couple of weeks of travel during the year. Combining full-time travel and work has never been easier, especially with the right software.

To catch a glimpse of what the digital nomad lifestyle is like, we’ve interviewed Christy Cheung, our Marketing Intern who backpacked through Europe this summer and worked remotely along the way. From the picturesque cliffs of Santorini to the scenic beaches of Nice, anywhere could be Christy’s office for the day. Here’s what she has to say about this exciting lifestyle and the perks of working from anywhere, anytime.

What made you decide you wanted to be a digital nomad?

Well, this is my last summer holiday before I graduate, so I knew that I wanted to travel around and enjoy my vacations. Then, I got the idea to be a digital nomad when I was translating a blog post about the topic, and I found out about this lifestyle. That’s what inspired me to go on my trip and work remotely.

What do you wish you had known before you became a digital nomad?

Nothing really comes to mind. Thankfully, working at AnyDesk helped a lot when planning my journey because I knew that it would be easy to work remotely while traveling, at least when it came to the technical part.

Was it hard to work on the road?

Yes, because I was working on Hong Kong time when I was in Europe, to catch up with my team regularly, so the time difference was pretty significant. I wasn’t traveling alone, so it was hard to match my friends’ schedules because I had to start working super early in the morning, and I couldn’t stay up late.

From your experience, what are the best cities for digital nomads and remote workers?

I would say that Nice would be one of the best cities for digital nomads that I visited. I saw a lot of people working from the beach in Nice, and the internet connection there is great. Another city would definitely be Munich. I met a lot of people there who were working remotely and that shared a similar experience with me.

What are some highlights of your trip?

Santorini was my favorite place to visit. The views around the island were absolutely gorgeous, I went to volcanoes, hot springs, and beaches. I remember one day I was working from the rooftop of the place I was staying, and I saw the sunrise while I worked – it was beautiful! Another highlight was visiting AnyDesk’s headquarters in Stuttgart. I loved seeing the office and getting to know the team in person.

How long did you travel for?

I traveled around Europe for about 40 days.

How did you stay productive while you traveled?

One thing I did was that I always tried to go outside, be it to a café or just anywhere outdoors, and I never worked from my bed. I would also work from the hostels’ common areas and, whenever I did that, I met several other people who were also digital nomads. I would say that the environment I chose to be my remote office for the day was very important for me. Also, I only worked three days a week, so organized my schedule to arrange more demanding activities on my days off.

Could you share some apps or resources that every digital nomad or remote worker should be aware of?

I used AnyDesk to work while traveling because I had to access resources that were on my home computer back in Hong Kong from my laptop in Europe. But, besides apps and software, I would say that the most important thing for digital nomads is to be sure the accommodations they book have a stable Wi-Fi connection for them to work. I also think tools are important, so I brought my mouse and keyboard with me.

What’s the best thing about the digital nomad lifestyle?

The best thing for me was that I enjoyed my free time and made the most of it. I feel like I don’t have a lot of cool things to do in Hong Kong, but when I was traveling, I got to go out and explore the world just as soon as I finished work. And the great thing about being a digital nomad is that you don’t have to leave your work duties behind to travel, you can do both at the same time.

What are some downsides of being a digital nomad?

It’s a challenge to manage your time properly and find the right balance, so you need to have a lot of discipline. This was my first time in Europe, so I didn’t want to miss out on anything. But since I was working on Hong Kong time, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. It’s quite a physically demanding lifestyle for sure.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about becoming a digital nomad?

Don’t go on a trip with many people. I would say that it’s better to go alone because you have the flexibility to make your own schedule. Also, make sure to plan ahead.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from living as a digital nomad?

I learned to stay open-minded and flexible because sometimes things don’t work out as you planned. I also learned not to limit myself in terms of work because I realized that anywhere can be my office, even a bus or a train.

What are your plans for the future?

I think I might go on a digital nomad trip again because it was a great experience, but not right now. First, I want to graduate and start working full-time, then I can plan my next trip.

Is there anything you’d like to say to people who are considering becoming digital nomads?

I would like to encourage people to become digital nomads. Don’t hesitate to ask your boss if you can work while traveling, especially in an age where working from home has become so common. I also hope to see more Asian digital nomads because it seems like this lifestyle isn’t really popular around here yet.

If you’re planning on becoming a digital nomad yourself, you need the right tools to be able to work from anywhere in the world. After all, whether you are working fully remote or only doing it part-time, being location independent requires more than a packed bag, a passport full of stamps, and a digital nomad visa.

But don’t worry! AnyDesk provides a powerful Remote Work solution that enables you to work from anywhere, at any time. Download AnyDesk today and discover new possibilities.

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