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Manage Your Devices with AnyDesk for Android

AnyDesk Android-Version

How many devices do you have to keep track of in your day to day life? You own a personal smartphone and computer. Then there are all the business devices: Your work PC and your business cellphone. Additionally, you probably have another personal laptop and a tablet.

Things can get overwhelming quickly.

Not only does AnyDesk allow you to connect to your devices at any time, it also offers great features to provide you with an overview over your collection. Today we want to show you two aspects of AnyDesk for Android you might not have considered before.

AnyDesk Address Book

Do you already have an AnyDesk license? Included in the AnyDesk Professional and Power licenses is the AnyDesk Address Book on Android. You can of course use it to organize your AnyDesk contacts, but you can also manage your own devices. No matter how many different operating systems you work with, whether it be iOS, devices running Windows or even Linux. When using AnyDesk, all of your devices are equally accessible. Just store them in the Address Book using a simple name.

Let’s say you create a new Address Book entry for your business computer. Just call it: Peter Work PC

No matter how many contacts there are in your address book, with the search function you can quickly get ahold of them. Did you know you can search for multiple terms? This reduces the number of results so you can find the right device faster. The same goes for your Speed Dial: Search through all your favorites, recent sessions and AnyDesk clients in the same network.

Using Android to Wake up Devices

You found the device you were looking for, but you can’t connect to it because it’s in sleep mode? Consider using Wake-On-LAN!

Our tip:

Manually define which devices are allowed to wake up the target device. Instead of a large computer, why not use an Android smartphone in the same network to wake up your taget computer? You will find it saves a great deal of energy while also ensuring Wake-On-LAN is fully functionable.

Being organized and having access to all your data on the go is essential nowadays. With the AnyDesk Android Version you always have an overview over your devices.

That’s not all the mobile version is capable of. Find out more about AnyDesk for Android.

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