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Mobile Device Support With AnyDesk

AnyDesk Android plugin

News for Android Users: All Manufacturers Now Remotely Controllable with AnyDesk

Have you ever picked up your phone from the bedside table in the morning and realized it wasn’t functioning correctly? Nowadays, we depend on technology more than ever. Especially mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have become omnipresent in our private and professional lives.

Simply put: Our lives would be rather difficult to manage without these devices as we are living in a rather fast-paced society today. We often learn this the hard way when our phones stop working correctly in simple everyday situations.

That’s where a cross-platform compatible Remote Desktop Solution comes in. Remote Desktop Technology helps businesses and private individuals to troubleshoot mobile devices that are malfunctioning while enabling users to support others through Remote Access and Control.

In this blog post, we will show you how Remote Desktop Software can resolve mobile device issues. For that purpose, we will analyze two potential scenarios: One from a professional use case, the other from a private user scenario.

The Business Scenario

Imagine you’re on a business trip and suddenly your business phone malfunctions. You can’t check your e-mails, important calls stay unanswered and, unfortunately, you only have your train ticket digitally on your phone. What a bad timing for such a scenario.

But help is on its way. If your IT team uses a Remote Support Solution, such as AnyDesk, that also includes free Mobile Device Management, it can easily solve the issue for you remotely. Chances are, AnyDesk is already installed on your device if it has been rolled out professionally in your business. If this isn’t the case, simply download the app and ask your IT team to set up AnyDesk for you with the correct license key. Please note that the professional use of AnyDesk also requires a professional license.

In case of a malfunction, IT support can then easily reach your mobile phone and help you out. The only requirement: Both sides need to have installed AnyDesk and are using the new plugin that enables Remote Control. A popup window will alert you to the new plugin in the Google Play Store and you’ll be redirected to the respective site. Simply download and install it.

Now, the IT support clerk can search for the error on your device in real time as if they were sitting right next to you holding your phone in their hands. In most cases, your problem will be solved immediately and you can continue with your business appointment – fast and easy.

The Family Scenario

Of course AnyDesk is also helpful outside of your professional life. Thanks to every professional user with a paid license we can offer AnyDesk free of charge for private use, enabling our private user community to help their loved ones in need without charging any extra fees.

Let’s say you bought an Android phone for a family member. They now need an introduction to the world of WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. This is no problem for you thanks to AnyDesk. Without having to be present, you can explain the most important functions of these apps via Remote Control. Simply access your family member’s device and demonstrate how to use the apps step by step. All open questions can be answered comfortably from afar.

But of course there are many more exciting ways to use AnyDesk privately. You can check on your pets at home while being out and about, help your parents with online registration forms, and listen to music files on computers that do not have any speakers. We have collected the most interesting and beautiful stories from our private user community for you on our site. Be inspired!

Discover AnyDesk Now

No matter if you want to resolve issues for family members or colleagues, AnyDesk is the ideal Remote Support and Remote Control Tool for your case, professional and private. Our software works across devices and operating systems from iPhone and iPad to Android, Windows, and Linux. Discover how you can support others remotely with AnyDesk Mobile Device Support.

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