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Mobile Device Management for Android Devices

Manage AnyDesk for Android via MDM solution

7 Reasons Why IT Administrators Should Configure AnyDesk via MDM

Good news! Starting with Android version 6.1.10, you can now configure AnyDesk for Android via Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. Rolling out a Remote Desktop solution to Android mobile devices and managing it centrally has never been easier. Learn more about Mobile Device Management and the benefits of configuring AnyDesk via MDM solutions.

What Is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

IT administrators today need to manage more than just a large number of computers. Mobile devices are used more and more—be they smartphones or tablets. In addition, work is no longer done only from a central office. There are branch offices, co-working offices and, of course, employees working from home a lot more. Even if all mobile devices were in one central place, it would be simply impossible for an IT administrator to take care of each device individually.

What happens, for example, if a problem occurs on one of the Android devices? Does the IT admin need to provide remote support by getting direct access to the device? There has to be a way to securely and easily deploy and configure remote desktop software across all mobile devices. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to manage corporate devices that are scattered all over the world from a central point. The key is mobile device management (MDM).

MDM tools, such as Microsoft Intune, allow IT administrators to integrate all mobile devices into the corporate network and distribute software, updates and security policies securely and across operating systems. The Android version of AnyDesk can now be managed in the same way.

Why You Should Configure AnyDesk on Android Devices via MDM

These are the 7 benefits of managing AnyDesk via MDM:

  1. Fast and flexible configuration from a central location.
  2. Configurations can be made for a defined group of users.
  3. Configuration updates can be rolled out automatically via the MDM solution, even during operation.
  4. There is no need to reinstall or uninstall the client after updates. 
  5. AnyDesk can be distributed quickly and easily to all in-house devices. No downloads or installations are required for the end user.
  6. New AnyDesk versions can also be rolled out automatically via the MDM solution.
  7. The configurations are based on the AnyDesk (Android) standard client (not on the AnyDesk “custom client”). 

AnyDesk and MDM: A Few Examples

In short, this ensures your AnyDesk is centralized, automated, and easy for you to control. But what exactly are your management options? Here are a few examples of configurations that can be made via the MDM solution:

1. Distribute the AnyDesk License to All Users

How would you like to set up AnyDesk on the Android endpoints? You could run from device to device individually and enter the license key. You could ask your co-workers to enter the license key themselves. Or you could use an MDM tool like Microsoft Intune and deploy the AnyDesk client to every Android device in seconds.

2. Restrict AnyDesk Access

An MDM solution is not only efficient, but it also helps to keep you secure. Want to prevent your employees from connecting to AnyDesk users outside of your network? Using MDM, you can choose which devices employees are allowed to connect to AnyDesk.

3. Disable AnyDesk Settings

As an IT administrator, you should maintain control over the AnyDesk client. MDM gives you the option to enable or disable all or selected settings for groups of employees. Of course, security settings are crucial: You can ensure that all your co-workers have the same settings that cannot be changed.

The AnyDesk client has always been lightweight and secure. Now it’s even easier to make it available to your end users. But that’s far from the only thing AnyDesk is capable of via MDM. Give it a try and discover outstanding performance with our cross-platform compatible Remote Desktop solution.

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