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Always Connected – 3 Unlikely Use Cases for AnyDesk

Always connected with AnyDesk

Nowadays, almost everything can be hooked up to the internet. Smartphones and computers, but also televisions, coffee machines, even toothbrushes, can now connect to the web. Linking all these devices and sensors and connecting them to a cloud is called IoT (Internet of Things).
What’s next? Will we soon be able to connect our pets to the internet? We can already connect to them and each other from afar, and a remote desktop solution like AnyDesk can help! Don’t believe us? The following use cases come directly from AnyDesk’s employees and users.

Take the Perfect Picture Ensuring No One is Left Out

Our first idea is by one of our developers: When taking photos, remote desktop software isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of. But how often have you struggled to take the perfect group photo with your friends? It’s hard to capture one that everyone thinks is share-worthy, not to mention deciding who should stay out and take the photo. Should the group ask a stranger to take the shot or set the self-timer? Will everyone be visible and well-positioned?

With AnyDesk, you can easily set up a smartphone to connect to the best camera. As soon as everyone in the group has positioned themselves, someone can connect to the camera via AnyDesk and check the lighting and positioning in real time and make adjustments like telling the front row to crouch a little more. Now you can snap the photo and immediately check if it turned out well without having to run back and forth.

Transfer Files Without Portable Storage Devices

Because the photo turned out beautifully, you decide to have it professionally printed. The next opportunity to use AnyDesk is at the copy shop. Our Quality Assurance Engineer recommends: If AnyDesk is on the computer at the copy shop, you could use it to access your smartphone and immediately copy the image file from your PC and print it out. Then you don’t have to use a USB stick or send the file to yourself via email. Do you still have a nice photo on your PC at home? You know the solution: Just get it via AnyDesk.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Animal Friends at Home and — Outside

Who is taking care of your pets while you’re at the copy store? Very few households have interior surveillance cameras, even though they could also be used to monitor your pet cats. Our IT manager didn’t have to spend money on an alarm system. He simply uses AnyDesk: Almost every laptop has a built-in webcam, and with AnyDesk, you can turn it on from anywhere and have a clear view of your room. That’s where you’ll find your kitties sleeping soundly. Be sure to use a strong password and disconnect the session afterwards.

Winter is here! Have you set up a bird feeding station? Before you leave the house next time, point your webcam at the feeding station. Nothing is more relaxing than watching the sparrows from your smartphone! Using this method, one of our users was also able to watch a stray cat from his tablet.

The world has never been more connected. With AnyDesk, we can stay in touch with our loved ones at all times and even explore space from our living room.

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