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How to Stay in Contact with Your Loved Ones with AnyDesk

Family video call with AnyDesk

Recently, I virtually met with my co-worker Kathrin for a coffee. If we can’t see each other in person, we can at least meet over the internet. Kathrin told me that it isn’t always this easy, though. What if the other side doesn’t know how video chat programs work? My co-worker found a solution, thanks to AnyDesk.

She and her husband live 250km away from the rest of her family. Normally, she’d go to her old home during the Easter holidays. She would’ve liked to hug her new nephew this year, but instead, she and her husband spent the holidays at home.

How did you manage to still stay in contact with your family?

Kathrin: “We met in a video conference. On Sunday, we sat in front of our PCs for an hour and talked. It was nice to see everyone again. My brother, my sister-in-law, my husband and I have spent a lot of time in video calls in the last weeks, both for our jobs and privately. That’s why we already knew how it works. However, my parents, who are both retired, didn’t.”

Kathrin’s mother bought a new laptop and needed help setting it up. Her husband recommended AnyDesk. That way, they could help her directly.

How did AnyDesk help you?

“Previously, we helped via telephone, and anyone who’s tried that before knows how tedious it is. How do you explain to someone where they have to click if you can’t see their screen?”

Her mother was able to install AnyDesk on her PC quickly, because it only takes a couple of clicks from visiting the website to getting your AnyDesk-ID. Kathrin’s mother sent her the AnyDesk-ID immediately. “Everything went surprisingly smoothly,” she says.

Kathrin connected to her mother’s PC via AnyDesk and simply started the video chat for her. “Sitting in front of a webcam of course doesn’t replace actually meeting in person. But AnyDesk helped at least being able to see each other.”

AnyDesk also helped beyond the family meeting. “Yesterday, her fitness studio offered a sports program via video call. Guess who started the call using AnyDesk, so that she could work out right away?” Kathrin likes AnyDesk for its uncomplicated installation. “The explanations about how to download AnyDesk on the website are very good and self-explanatory. You can start within a few minutes.”

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