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The AnyDesk Status Page and How to Use It

AnyDesk status page

Have you seen the new AnyDesk status page? In this article, we will tell you all about it.

Let’s Talk About the Internet

The internet is a digital highway used to exchange information between countries and continents within seconds. Sharing pictures of pets, expressing our opinions on events happening on the other side of the world or trading stocks are all possible thanks to the internet. And remote desktop connections via AnyDesk, a software tool used by millions of people in 184 countries every day, is no exception.

The internet is composed of millions of kilometers of network cables that are run underground, through the air or at the bottom of oceans. Submarine cables interconnect the continents and other hard-to-reach areas. They’re owned and operated by various companies, such as Google. While data transferred via submarine cables travels long distances, it needs to reach its final destination on the ground or via air to data centers, offices and people’s homes. These networks are also operated by many different companies with significant hubs that exchange the data between the networks. For example, one such hub for Europe is Frankfurt. The companies operating various parts of the internet are called internet service providers (or ISPs), and they cooperate to find the best possible route for data to be transferred between different destinations.

Networks operated by ISPs consist not only of kilometers of cables but also network devices like routers, switches and load balancers, etc. There are hundreds of millions of these devices around the globe, and each of them must work flawlessly in order to transfer our precious data.

People use the internet around the clock, day and night, and the whole network of networks should be able to handle the high usage times of day with a certain reserve in case of an unexpected situation. Monitoring and keeping historical data is key to this success, with maintenance and enhancements planned during the least busy times to affect the fewest users as possible.

What if Something Unpredictable Happens?

As the world experienced with the global pandemic, sometimes unforeseen events happen and the demand for internet capacity increases unpredictably. All ISPs and companies running online services have to work together to find every possible human and technical resource available to handle it. During March 2020, the demand for AnyDesk in some countries increased by a factor of 10. As a result, keeping the service quality on the highest level was one of the most significant challenges AnyDesk has faced to date and successfully managed.

What We Do to Keep You Connected

Like other online services, AnyDesk is operated atop of the internet and we strive to provide the best user experience and service quality. We select the best hosting providers for our servers located on all continents (Antarctica being an exception). Our team monitors the network 24/7/365 and reacts to issues as quickly as possible. The network is designed to have enough reserved capacity to handle both hardware and network incidents on multiple levels while still providing the experience users expect.

However, our hands are tied when it comes to network disturbances in specific areas from where our users are connected to the internet. For example, a routing or capacity issue between two ISPs, failure on critical network equipment or when an excavator digs too deep into the ground and damages crucial cabling. Often in such cases, AnyDesk automatically reconnects and users notice only short interruption and need to reconnect their active remote desktop session. But it may not always be so smooth and fast as we would like it to be.

At the same time, AnyDesk has to keep its systems in good shape, up to date and secure. Unexpected outages are “unexpected” as defined, but planned maintenance is something our users can prepare for if they are aware of it.

Why Do We Have a Status Page Now?

The status page allows us to inform our users about significant outages or service interruption and also about planned maintenance with expected service impact. But it is not a cure-all for the unpredictable, unexpected issues. Not all problems will be detected before you may be affected by an outage, because the ISPs and their monitoring tools may need additional time to detect some problems.

Therefore, if your remote session interrupts and AnyDesk cannot connect to the network or your connection is extremely unstable, please wait a few minutes, take the time to check our status page to find if it is a planned maintenance or service issues we already detected and if there is nothing planned, try again. If there are reported issues, know we are doing our best to help find a fix as soon as possible.

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