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The Story Behind AnyDesk

“If you want to see change, you have to take risks.” Throwback: Stuttgart, 2012. Three young men work in a small 25 square meter office. They have an idea and a plan for how to make it happen. They exchanged the comfort of a regular job for 1,000€ a month and put everything on the…

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Working Remote: Challenges and Productivity Tips

Remote work is nothing new. While many professionals have been forced to adjust to a new digital-first work structure during the pandemic, several companies already had a routine work-from-home procedure in place. Whether you are new to remote work or used to this digital-first approach, there are challenges that persist regardless of your experience level….

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Teamwork Features of AnyDesk Version 6

We’ve arrived at part three of our series on the features of AnyDesk Version 6. Let’s take a look at what AnyDesk is capable of in terms of teamwork. Adding new features and improving existing ones sometimes demands changes to the overall design of AnyDesk. But have no fear – we made sure you can…

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