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How to Print From Anywhere Using AnyDesk

Remote printing with AnyDesk

The Best Remote Work Printing

In our blog series on different AnyDesk features, we’ve already talked about the Whiteboard. This feature helps you communicate with your clients and contacts. But communication is only one aspect of AnyDesk.

Another one is practicality.

Today, we want to guide you through a feature that makes working more convenient: Remote Printing.

What is it?

You’re working remotely, at home. Your work PC is out of your reach, and you only have your laptop with you. Thanks to AnyDesk, you can remotely connect to your work PC and work on it as if you’re sitting in front of it- From a different room, or even a different country for that matter! But imagine being able to print out a document on your work PC that you need, wherever you are in the world?

Remote Work offers a lot of benefits. At the same time, it is not easy to have all files where they are needed. Not only does the AnyDesk Printer give you access to all files, but it also delivers them right into your home or wherever you work with them.

That is what the AnyDesk Remote Printing feature is for.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple. A virtual printer called AnyDesk Printer sends print jobs to your local printer.

Let’s go through a scenario: From the other side of the world, you’re viewing a PDF file on your work PC via AnyDesk. This is the file you want to print out. Click on the icon where you can choose from the different printers available. There, you’ll find the AnyDesk printer. Once you choose it, you’ll see a window pop up on your local device: There’s an incoming print job. Now you have the following options: dismiss, meaning you automatically decline incoming print jobs, print using Window’s default printer, or print using the specified printer. Simply choose a printer near you and your document will be there in no time!

Printing from a remote device to a local printer helps you to have physical access to all files and documents you need. The AnyDesk Printer is a virtual printer on a remote device. All you have to do is establish a remote connection. Even across poor internet connections, a reliable transfer of print jobs is guaranteed.

Every print job is protected with military-grade encryption to keep all your data safe at any time.

For the next print jobs, you can choose if you want the settings to be applied automatically so that it requires fewer clicks and it’s like you’re just working locally. Having all files and documents at hand whenever needed is easy thanks to Remote Printing. AnyDesk provides more flexibility and comfort, always. 

Anything else?

Remote Printing is available for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and is introduced with version 5. Both sides of the AnyDesk connection need to support the feature (be on version 5). The driver only needs to be installed on the remote device.

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