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Discover Free Remote Computer Access With AnyDesk

AnyDesk Free Remote Control Software

Did You Know That You Can Download AnyDesk for Free?

Previously, we told you about the various AnyDesk remote desktop licenses you can buy. While those licenses are perfect for those using AnyDesk in a professional environment, others might need remote computer access for uses that aren’t business-related. Thankfully, AnyDesk offers a range of features for personal use — and they are completely free.

Today, we’d like to show you some of those tools and how you can use the free version of AnyDesk to your advantage. Are you unsure if AnyDesk is the right choice for your needs? Here we’ll explore the plethora of ways to use our free remote control software.

Provide Technical Help to Friends and Family

Remote support is probably the most popular use case for any remote desktop software. However, it’s not only companies who can benefit from the possibility of accessing a remote PC. Has a family member or a friend of yours ever had technical issues with their devices and asked for your help? Thanks to ongoing digitization and release of new mobile and smart home devices, people now have increasingly complex computer setups at home.

It’s not just large enterprises with giant server rooms that use high-performance devices anymore. With that, people become tech pros who can help their friends and families like trained IT professionals. Without remote access capabilities, most of the time in those friendly remote support sessions is spent trying to talk their loved ones through complicated installation processes and intricate problem-solving methods.

By using AnyDesk to provide remote support, you can save time and gain clarity by accessing their computer and implementing solutions without having to explain everything in detail. Conversely, your less tech-savvy family and friends can also download our free remote control software to easily receive support. At 3MB, the download file is small, and doesn’t need to be installed to run. AnyDesk also offers cross-platform compatibility, so you’ll have a seamless experience even if your family works with a Mac while you’re on a Windows machine.

A number of permissions help you support your friends more efficiently. It’s as if you’re in the same room with them. Chat and Whiteboard functionality also enable you to communicate with them and explain what you are doing through visualization. It’s the simplest and fastest way to offer remote support for free.

The Tool for Your Personal Projects

You probably already have an idea of just how helpful free remote control software is for staying in contact with others. Connecting to a device also means connecting with people. It doesn’t have to stop at tech support. When done for personal use, you can simply download AnyDesk, connect to a remote pc for free, and collaborate on personal projects with your friends, like coding programs together.

The world is interconnected in numerous ways nowadays, and AnyDesk can help you take advantage of that. Your phone becomes a remote control for powerful tools like 3D printers or telescopes, and you can steer them from wherever you are in the world. If you’re into graphic design, you can simply connect to your stationary PC from a tablet or a laptop — or any other less powerful device — and work on your projects on-the-go as if you’re sitting right in front of the remote pc.

By setting up Unattended Access, you don’t have to be present to accept the remote session and can simply access the device via password. To make the experience even more immersive, the Remote Printing feature enables you to locally print out documents from your remote device.

Stay Flexible

AnyDesk isn’t only a helpful tool when it comes to teamwork, but also for keeping yourself organized. You probably use your Windows computer just as often as your Android smartphone, but you have different programs and files on each device. Maybe you also use macOS or iOS since each operating system has its merits. It seems impossible to keep an overview.

Thankfully, you can download AnyDesk for free on every device. That way you don’t have to make sure that one important project file is on every single device; you can simply access them cross-platform via Remote File Transfer and save data volume or copy and paste them from one device to the other at any time.

Our easy-to-use Remote File Manager helps you stay organized and transfers files extremely fast. This is also useful if you want to manage your smart home with Linux and access it on-the-go with your Android smartphone.

Stay Secure

Security is one of the most important topics for us at AnyDesk. That’s why you get all of the security features you’d find in our paid licenses with our free remote control software. They are all integrated into the small 3MB file.

First, every connection is wrapped in multiple security layers, ranging from TLS 1.2 technology, which is also used in online banking, to RSA 2048 key exchange. This ensures every connection is verified and protected from unauthorized access. The connections simply cannot be decrypted by third parties thanks to Perfect Forward Secrecy, and none of your passwords will be stored — we use Salted Password Hashing instead.

If multiple security layers weren’t enough, there are also many customizable in-app security features that ensure you’re always in control of your remote session. There are several permissions that can be adjusted and tailored to your needs.

Don’t want to give the other side permission to use your mouse and keyboard? Simply disable them with the click of a single button. Want some privacy while working on the remote device? Blacken the screen using Privacy Mode. You decide who can access your device or even find your device, and for Unattended Access, you can add a second security layer by setting up Two-Factor Authentication. In addition to your password, you can then scan a QR code with an authenticator app that is TOTP compatible and receive a randomly generated one-time code as an additional barrier.

These are only a few possible use cases for the free AnyDesk version. Download AnyDesk for free anytime and find out what possibilities you have. Because in the end, AnyDesk is what you make of it!

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