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Employee Spotlight – An Inside View into AnyDesk Software Development

Software Developers in Video Call

Matthias and Christoph Speak About Their Role at AnyDesk and Their Work in Software Development

As a provider of Remote Desktop Software, one must stay up to date when it comes to technological innovations. Especially in the field of IT, products develop quicker than in any other sector, no matter if it’s hardware or software. Therefore, having a development team in place is crucial if you want to stay on track with technological progress and remain competitive.

For us at AnyDesk, software development is of special importance. Regardless of the usage of our product – may it be Remote Support, Remote Work, or Remote Access – development of our software is always happening and ongoing. If you want to be better than your competitors, it’s important to understand that product development is an ever-ongoing process. Your business will only be successful if you invest time in continuously improving your product (or service) and adapting it to your customers’ needs.

But what does a typical workday in the field of software development at AnyDesk actually look like? Who are the innovative minds and problem solvers behind our software? In this blog post, we will introduce two new members of our development team, Matthias and Christoph. Find out what both have to say about working at AnyDesk and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of our development department.  

Meet Matthias

Matthias Matousek is a software developer at AnyDesk and joined the team in December 2021. Previously, Matthias worked as a computer scientist in the science sector. The idea of switching over to software development had intrigued him for quite some time before he ultimately decided to follow this passion.

What does a typical workday in software development look like? What makes development at AnyDesk so special?

Matthias: As a software developer I write program codes and documentation of program codes. I am also scanning our software for errors and subsequently solving them. Currently, I support another AnyDesk developer in creating a new framework (basically software that will be used by other parts of the program at some point in time).

This is super exciting! As a new employee, it does not happen often that you are given the opportunity to start a brand-new software project. We always communicate with other AnyDesk developers, and I really do like this open kind of communication in our team. In this way we always know, what projects other developers are working on.

You continuously develop and improve AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software. What is the strongest characteristic of our software product in your opinion?

Matthias: In my opinion, the strongest trait of AnyDesk is definitely ease of use. What benefits do you really have from a ton of great features if they are way too complicated to use? AnyDesk is simple and works on all common platforms, even without having to run an annoying installation. That allows me to use my time effectively for more important tasks instead of having to fiddle around with cluttered tools.

AnyDesk has a lot of tweaks and individual customization settings. What feature do you like best?

Matthias: That’s true. AnyDesk has a lot of great features. I often use privacy mode which allows you to blacken the screen of your remote device. When I access my workstation in the office from my home computer, others in the office cannot see what I am currently working on.

Another cool feature is Wake-on-LAN. It allows me to wake up remote devices in sleep mode. I can basically use my smartphone to turn on my PC at home when I am out and about.

Speaking of strong suits, can you name three words that define AnyDesk as a product in your eyes?

Matthias: For me, AnyDesk is convenient, reliable, and useful. I can always rely on AnyDesk’s stable connection, even if the available internet connection happens to be weak. It is the total package of features that makes AnyDesk such a useful and valuable software product, for work-related tasks as well as for private use.

How do you use AnyDesk outside of work?

Matthias: As a tech-savvy person, family and friends often ask me for help when it comes to solving technical problems. AnyDesk is incredibly useful for this, as you do not have to be on-site at your friends’ or parents’ house to help them.

But I also use AnyDesk for my own purposes: I have a high-performance PC that I use for 3D modeling. I don’t want to physically sit in front of this computer all the time. AnyDesk enables me to access my PC while working with another device from any other place.

What tech trends will gain importance in the future, in your opinion? And what role could AnyDesk play in that?

Matthias: I’d say most definitely house automation. I sometimes use sensors to measure air quality at home. It would be great to read or adjust those sensors from anywhere, not just when I am at home. AnyDesk could definitely come in handy for that.

What do you treasure about AnyDesk as your employer?

Matthias: I work with a great team of awesome people. As a developer, you are given enough time and support to get familiar with the software itself and the new tasks that are waiting for you. Plus, I have the opportunity to work from home flexibly.

How was onboarding at AnyDesk for you? What part of the onboarding process did you like best?

Matthias: I was surprised to see so how many people started at AnyDesk the same day I had my first official workday. That shows how fast the company is growing at the moment. Together with my new colleagues, I received a guided tour through the premises. I was excited to learn that AnyDesk provides fresh Pretzels and lunch for its employees each week.

I received detailed information about organizational processes and was then handed over to my team. My team helped me to set up my company devices and went on to explain some interesting technical background information about the software. All in all, onboarding was very well-structured – something I didn’t know from my previous jobs and was absolutely new to me.

Meet Christoph

Christoph Hiden is Junior Software Developer at AnyDesk and started in November 2021. He discovered his passion for programming during his studies and is now gaining more experience in this field at AnyDesk.

What makes work in your development team so special?

Christoph: All team members have their own unique strengths and fields of expertise. Everyone comes from an individual background and in stressful times, we can all rely on each other. When I have questions about technical details, there is always someone from the team making time to assist and explain things to me.

From a developer viewpoint, what strong characteristics does AnyDesk Remote Desktop have?

Christoph: AnyDesk doesn’t use widely available programming libraries. Instead, AnyDesk has adapts functionalities to its own needs and re-implements them in a new way. I have full control of how the program reacts, all the way down to the functional levels of the software.

What software tweak do you find particularly useful when you think of AnyDesk?

Christoph: AnyDesk can be personalized flexibly. If the screen on the remote computer has a higher resolution than the local PC, there’s image scaling taking place. The image then seems a bit blurry. With the feature “Auto-Adapt Resolution” the resolution on the remote computer is reduced until it matches the resolution on the local machine. In this way, image scaling is no longer necessary. The image is being transmitted directly and appears sharp.

AnyDesk in three words. What comes to your mind spontaneously?

Christoph: Data efficiency, ease of use, stability. With AnyDesk you can run multiple sessions fluently at the same time while browsing the internet. You don’t need a fast glass fiber connection. You can start a session easily with just a few clicks. AnyDesk is incredibly fast and simple and a great tool for working remotely from home, even long-term.

When thinking about tech trends, in what areas will the use of AnyDesk increase in the future?  

Christoph: Due to the pandemic, the need for home office solutions has increased tremendously. AnyDesk has successfully enabled many people to execute their professions during the pandemic, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Once the pandemic is over, I think a lot of people still want to enjoy the benefits of using AnyDesk.

AnyDesk as an employer – What do you personally like best?

Christoph: I enjoy working in a multi-cultural environment with people of various nationalities that speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds. Our team is very diverse, but we all work together harmoniously with each other.

When you think back to your onboarding at AnyDesk, what did you like best? How was your first impression of AnyDesk?

Christoph: I was welcomed with open arms and could tell instantly that there was a great vibe between all my colleagues. After going through some organizational things, I was introduced to the different teams and departments, so I could get a good overview of AnyDesk as a company.

The technical onboarding in my specific field was easy and smooth. I was given enough time to get familiar with all important topics. In this way, I was able to accomplish my first achievements by taking over small tasks very quickly, supporting the development team constructively very early on.

Grow with AnyDesk

AnyDesk is one of the 50 fastest-growing businesses in Germany. It’s creative minds like Matthias and Christoph who help us make AnyDesk the great product it is today.

For providers of Remote Desktop Solutions, it is essential to invest in innovative and agile software development to stay competitive. IT businesses need to stay on track with technological advancements and must adapt their product to these new tech trends continuously.

We have caught your interest? Want to join our development team? Grow with AnyDesk and make 2022 a year of new opportunities. Click here for more information on our application process and open positions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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