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Spidercam Uses Remote Access to Support Live Footage

100% Camera Reliability at Sporting Events

100% Camera Reliability Creates Memorable Experiences at Sporting Events

What images do you have in mind when you think about international sporting events? Tears of joy, emotional outbreaks, and cheering fans? One thing is for sure: Sports events are full of emotion, no matter whether fans are onsite, or simply watching the event on TV.

Luckily, technology makes it possible to transmit emotions to sports fans’ living rooms, no matter where they are. The breath-taking images from stadia and arenas are usually realized with so-called “Spidercams®”. These are special cameras that literally fly over the fields on special wires, providing spectacular camera shots and bird’s-eye view images.

Spidercam GmbH is the company behind these cameras, and the market leader in broadcast cable camera systems. Since the year 2000, the Spidercam GmbH has been providing cameras for numerous event types around the globe, from sports and concerts to TV shows. The company has branches in Germany, Austria, Australia, and the United States. Since most spidercam® systems are usually rented, the company also takes care of logistics for the camera systems on the ground to ensure operational excellence anytime.

Reliable Camera Performance Anytime

Live sporting events require constant attention to detail. Everything needs to run smoothly, and no mistakes may happen during the event itself. Therefore, Spidercam technicians are available around the clock to ensure cameras are working properly anytime.

The remote support and the installation of the cameras are done under extreme time pressure. As a result, the technicians cannot afford any delay and must work with a reliable Remote Access Solution that allows them to work in a fast and safe way and to remotely control the cameras.

Fast Remote Support for Successful Live Events

The Spidercam technicians use AnyDesk Remote Support Software to securely access the cameras remotely and to provide support to the teams on site. The solution helps them to guarantee reliable camera performance thanks to fast and easy remote connectivity to the cameras. The Spidercam engineers can respond within 30 minutes to ensure cameras work properly anytime, ultimately providing a smooth live event experience.

Whenever problems arise that their crews on site cannot fix themselves, the technicians simply connect to the systems and provide instant help without any delay. “Our technicians can then work as if they were right there on the remote computer and can finetune settings, for example”, says Herbert Neff, CEO of spidercam GmbH.

State-of-the-Art Technology Empowers Hybrid Events

Ensuring flawless camera performance at live sporting events is no problem for Spidercam thanks to the collaboration with AnyDesk’s Remote Support Software. The partnership is a perfect combination for successful Hybrid Events, and it shows how important it is to have the right technology and tools at hand.

Thanks to its unique video codec DeskRT, AnyDesk convinces IT experts with a high refresh rate and low latency, ultimately making it possible to work smoothly on remote computers. As a result, there is no delay when accessing a machine remotely.

With AnyDesk, Spidercam has the perfect partner for Live Events and Hybrid Events:

  • An ultra-fast Remote Desktop Solution for all common operating systems, even mobile devices
  • 100% reliability in critical moments to stay productive, even under pressure
  • A transparent licensing model that adapt to the needs of your business

Read the Full Case Study

Learn more about how Spidercam successfully uses AnyDesk Remote Support Software to ensure top-quality camera performance anytime. Download the full Case Study.

A good Remote Support solution enables secure Remote Access to your work computer or any other device. It allows you to securely access files and applications or to control machines remotely. Looking for a Remote Support Solution to enhance your performance? We are happy to help you choose the right license for your business.

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