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Need a Self-hosted Solution? Look No Further: AnyDesk On-Premises

AnyDesk On-Premises

AnyDesk offers an easy-to-install Linux-based network appliance for cross-platform remote desktop applications to meet the requirements of even the most demanding network environments. It’s the first choice for admins bound by official regulations offering data security and quality of service right out of the box. The self-hosted network appliance provides the same set of features as our regular cloud solution, so you can host your own internal version AnyDesk with set-up times of under an hour.

On-Premises’ essential feature is that it creates a separate network. IDs from the cloud-based AnyDesk network (AnyNet) are not compatible. However, this self-hosted solution can connect devices from all over the world provided the address of the appliance is setup as FQDN. This detail represents the one major difference to the regular public network, as the owner is the only entity that can create AnyDesk clients for this appliance. The customer has complete control over participants in the network and each client can be limited, banned, or disabled.

Powerplants, datacenters, assembly lines, universities, press centers, government agencies, chemical plants, android vendors, airports, automotive facilities, and structural engineering sites – AnyDesk keeps expanding its footprint into all sectors of the economy.

AnyDesk On-Premises grants access to devices, facilitating the exchange of data and device monitoring even in areas with limited access rights.

Network Types

The appliance can be hosted by any network, such as a datacenter, EPN, even a completely offline environment without internet access ready to meet the highest security standards offering a flexible alternative to the cloud.


The main interfaces are the custom client generator that can accommodate your company’s logo and branding; individual override settings for role-based deployment; and the web UI used to manage database-related tasks like connected clients and sessions history. All client-based activities can be monitored by third-party applications via REST-API. You can easily connect billing services or external databases for tracking purposes and connection-based log files are included as well.

The appliance also offers console commands to manage core properties like licenses, namespaces, stats, logging, certificates, and more.

Custom Clients

my.anydesk.com also provides a platform to create custom clients for our On-Premises solution, offering the flexibility users need to personalize clients. Options to store template setting-profiles speed up the process of managing different client types, especially when working across platforms. And you can apply custom or override settings for a wide range of features. See Advanced Options for more.


The best method of deployment is through MSI-based custom clients to be distributed by GPO. One advantage of the AnyDesk client is its modest file size of just 2MB. The preset password feature provides preconfigured access to all managed clients, which is especially useful.

Once set up, the appliance offers performance, reliability, and scalability. A regular Linux desktop machine can host up to 10,000 sessions even on systems offering only 4 gigs of RAM.

Can’t wait to see your self-hosted remote desktop solution in action?

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