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How AnyDesk Contributed to the HTC 5G Hub

AnyDesk’s contribution to the HTC 5G Hub

Accessing and controlling an Android device via AnyDesk is available for an increasing share of devices on the market. After implementing remote control on Samsung, which was the first vendor with this option available, HTC approached AnyDesk and indicated its interest in collaborating on the HTC 5G Hub. It’s the first Global Player to team up with us and we couldn’t be more excited! HTC is a Taiwan based consumer electronics company and a perfect match for AnyDesk, since they are known for innovations like the HTC Vive™.

What is the HTC 5G Hub?

The HTC 5G Hub is a mobile smart hub – the future home for mobile connectivity. With this step, HTC delivered a product capable of creating a home media center or mobile office network. It can also operate as conference tool and is capable of voice commands and – of course – remote control. It basically works like a phone, since you can use a SIM and memory card, but it is, in fact, the world’s first smart hub.

The HTC 5G Hub is able to connect to 20 devices and provides 2 Wi-Fi hot spots with up to 2.25Gb/s. Your entire office can be hooked up to the HTC 5G Hub: printers, PCs, tablets, phones and any other device – no wires needed. Of course network cable is supported as well. In addition, the HTC 5G Hub has a built in VPN feature, giving you the ability to take your company’s network wherever you go.

What did AnyDesk bring to the table?

This is where AnyDesk comes into play. Since AnyDesk is pre-installed on the HTC 5G Hub, you only need to set it up on your phone.

On initial launch, the HTC 5G Hub asks for an unattended password. Download AnyDesk to your phone and connect it to the Hotspot of the HTC 5G Hub. The Auto Discovery feature will detect AnyDesk on the HTC 5G Hub. You only need to apply the password once and receive immediate access from wherever you are, no matter what type of connection you use. Whether it’s Wi-Fi or mobile internet, your HTC 5G Hub is always accessible.

Working with HTC on an innovative product like the HTC 5G Hub has been a very rewarding experience. This collaboration also greatly contributed to improving AnyDesk. Exchanging ideas and witnessing the fast integration was both pleasant and exciting. We are looking forward to further cooperation!

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