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How AnyDesk Can Help You Maintain Privacy

How AnyDesk Can Help You Maintain Privacy

We always tell you how easy it is to service a device remotely via AnyDesk Remote Desktop and how you can access your data from anywhere in the world. And while working remotely means increased independence and productivity, could it also mean less privacy?  It doesn’t have to with AnyDesk Privacy Mode.

Let’s review two examples.

What if you work at an open space office where your co-workers regularly walk by your cubicle? What if the device you need to maintain is a machine on a casino floor that is visible to everyone?

In both of these cases, you may not want your activities to be visible on the remote screen, or have your remote session interrupted by unwanted input from a remote mouse or keyboard.

With AnyDesk Privacy Mode, you can simply disable the screen of the remote device by turning it black while you remotely access it. Here’s how it works:

First, set a password for Unattended Access in the security settings on the incoming side and allow Privacy Mode by ticking the corresponding box. Whenever you connect to the device via Unattended Access with Privacy Mode activated, the screens of your remote device will be black and mouse and keyboard will be locked. Your activities can’t be viewed on the remote side. To be sure Privacy Mode is enabled, look for in the address bar. When this is bold, your remote screens are black.

With AnyDesk Privacy Mode, all your co-workers will see is a black screen, but for you nothing will change. You’re able to access your data and utilize all the features of AnyDesk. It’s like you’re sitting at your office desk in real time with your sensitive data secure.

At the casino where the screen you need to maintain is in public view, customers will only see a black screen as you covertly service it. No need to gamble with your secure data.  

AnyDesk Privacy Mode helps to make remote work even more secure. Anywhere. Anytime. Try it out today!

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