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Ready for the Future: Version 7 and new Website Live

AnyDesk new Version 7

Reaching new Milestones – An Exciting Season for AnyDesk

This fall and winter are full of great news for AnyDesk. One surely is the release of the highly anticipated Version 7, creating yet another milestone in the company’s innovation-driven history. 

Thanks to its unique video codec and military-grade security, AnyDesk has been established as one of the fastest and most reliable Remote Desktop Software Solutions available on the market. It convinces users with a lightweight and easy-to-use application. By launching the new Version 7, AnyDesk will embrace a new dimension of user experience, simplicity, and security.  

We interviewed our product experts Hagen Allmrodt from the Development Team and Emir Klopic from Product Management to get a first glimpse of what we can expect from AnyDesk’s Version 7.

Easy & Clean: A new Level of User Experience with Version 7 

Hagen Allmrodt, Head of Development, is convinced the new major update will play a key role in making AnyDesk even leaner. “Version 7 will present a new level of lightweight and simplicity within the UI and therefore user experience.”

Clearly, the user experience is an important aspect within the evolution of AnyDesk. The product design is becoming even simpler and cleaner without ever losing the AnyDesk identity.  

We asked our Product Manager Emir Klopic what he is especially looking forward to in Version 7. Emir is particularly fond of the intuitive approach within the design. “With the new release, we will deliver a clean and contemporary design, making the use of AnyDesk even simpler than before, especially for less tech-savvy users. We want to visually represent the act of remotely accessing another device, as this is something that a user typically does not perceive as an intuitive process.” 

Emir also states that “every remote access situation involves a human being initiating the control. Therefore, we put a clear focus on intuition and user-oriented design.” 

A Brand-New Website for a Streamlined User Experience 

Speaking of more simplicity, in an effort to streamline the user experience, a brand-new website has been created. Not only does the new website come in a new design that encompasses clarity, it also adds new content to provide customers with all the information they need. A clear structure guides through the website to answer all open questions.

Case Studies with existing customers give an example of how AnyDesk is used in real-life. A detailed description of certain features helps educate less tech-savvy users to improve security and get familiar with the usability of the software. To develop an overall user-friendly experience was the focus, both in the software and on the website. Simplicity on all levels has always been – and still is – key for AnyDesk.

Ben Clauß, Senior Web Developer, was instrumental in implementing the new design. “With this new design, we gave AnyDesk a unified face, so that the recognition value is guaranteed at all points during the user experience.”

The website is even more user centric now. But the design never loses its clarity and simplicity, just like the software itself. “Building a consistent identity and design was very important to us,” says Ben Clauß. 


AnyDesk is gearing up for the future. With its brand-new Version 7, AnyDesk offers a variety of great additions for remote control and remote access, adding improvements to the simple and secure usage of AnyDesk. With the company’s new website, AnyDesk is more user centric than ever before. 

  • The new Version 7 with a more intuitive usage, especially for users that do not have a technical background 
  • A streamlined experience thanks to the new website design 

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