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Switching to Team Red is Worth It – Here’s Why

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Some of the biggest names in the remote access market have been making big news as of late. This got us thinking: Does bigger mean better? Yes, big can be good, but it can also mean something is bloated – and therefore complicated and confusing.

Although AnyDesk is still a young company, we’re certainly no longer a start-up (though we try to keep that spirit). In the five years we’ve been on the market, we’ve been able to out-maneuver many of our larger competitors and provide a better remote access solution. That’s led to organic growth and increasing word-of-mouth popularity. Don’t believe us? Check out the Google Trends stats and compare AnyDesk to our rivals. And then there’s the fact that our solution has been downloaded more than 100 million times, a figure that grows by another 5 million every month.

So while we’re by no means a small company, we’re not a faceless corporation either. We want to be close to our users. We work with them, listen to their feedback, and react accordingly by developing the features they require. This customer-centric approach gives us a real edge.

Because we’re closer to our customers, we know what they want: a simple, easy-to-use, reliable tool that just works the way it should. We gave them an intuitive, user-friendly tool that’s a cinch to operate. Not only that, but AnyDesk offers unparalleled stability and security.

When we say it needs to work the way it should, that’s not just about reliability, but also the responsiveness of the connection. AnyDesk is based on our own DeskRT codec, which provides near-zero latency because it can compress and transfer image data in a way no other computing product is able to do.

This revolutionary proprietary technology can even work on connections as slow as 100 kB/sec. On top of that, all that powerful software is packed into a 3MB bundle that can be downloaded quickly anywhere. This makes AnyDesk the remote desktop software of choice for areas with poor internet connectivity.

Being simple and easier to use than other remote desktop solutions also means not having to worry about software versions or platforms. All versions of AnyDesk are compatible with one another, and it works on all platforms: Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and more.  Of course, AnyDesk offers banking-level security just as you would expect from a streamlined, complete solution.

And there’s one more area where we exceed the competition: affordability. We offer three subscription models providing you with the features and capacities to meet your needs. That’s why we say we’re the best remote access solution on the market. It’s that simple.

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