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Running to Foster Team Spirit

B2RUN Finale in Koeln

Summer is here and the sun is shining… What a perfect time to be active!

Why not go for a run with your co-workers and be active together? That’s what the team at B2Run thought: organize runs specifically designed for companies to compete against one another; encouraging motivation and building team spirit. More than 9,600 enterprises are estimated to have participated in team events that take place in a number of German cities as well as elsewhere in Europe and even South Africa. The motto of the event is: run together; reach goals together; celebrate together.

One of the runs will be held in Stuttgart, the home of AnyDesk, where we’re all about team spirit and cooperation. B2Run is thus the perfect opportunity to prove it. What do AnyDesk employees planning to participate think of the event? Do they see a link between running and team spirit? I went for a spin around the office and asked them.

1. Why did you decide to participate in B2Run?

Ivana: “I wanted to participate because of the team spirit and teamwork. It’s a good opportunity to get know each other outside work.”

Meagan: “My colleague (An, who’s sitting right across from her) motivated me to participate.”

An: “It’s a good excuse to do something with your colleagues outside of work.” He looks at Meagan sitting across from him and says: “I wanted my team to run and I thus have to participate as well.” Both laugh.

2. What do you like about running?

Ivana: “Well, it’s good for your body and for getting in shape, but it’s also great for your lungs and stamina. You release energy and detox your body.”

Meagan: “I like the feeling afterwards. You suffer while you run, but it’s a satisfying feeling when you reach your goal.”

An: “It balances out work, especially with something like financial accounting. Sitting at your desk the whole day can be mentally exhausting. When you run, you’re not forced to think. On the other hand, you get the best ideas when you focus on something other than thinking. It’s really inspiring. It’s also efficient because you can listen to a podcast or an audio book while running, which you can’t do while playing football, for example. You can also do it anytime, anywhere, just like AnyDesk,” he adds with a big laugh.

3. How much training did you do? Do you prepare in your spare time?

Ivana: “I ran more when I was younger. Nowadays, it’s become more irregular. Whenever I feel like I have too much energy, I usually run to clear my mind.”

Meagan: “I wouldn’t call it training. I’m just trying to get to 5k. I’m running in another 5k only a few days later and I’m excited to be able to say that I can to it.”

An: “I don’t do it professionally, but it’s become a major hobby. I’ve been running marathons for about six years. I use any excuse to go running. It’s a cheap sport, very soothing, and you can do it by yourself or with a team. The motto is Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

4. How do you think B2Run contributes to team spirit?

Ivana: “Running together means sticking together. If I saw someone struggling, I’d slow down and ask them: ‘Hey, are you okay?’ We have to support and motivate each other.”

Meagan: “When you see someone who’s in trouble, if they fall for example, you wouldn’t just run off. You have to make sure they’re okay. It’s also nice to have something to talk about back at the office; remembering funny moments together.”

An: “The nice thing about running is that you can do it both competitively or in a team where you can support and help each other out to make sure everyone gets to the finish line. I think crossing the finish line together also has positive effects on your professional life. If you can finish a race together, you can also successfully finish a project together.”

And that’s the spirit that running creates and supports. At the end of the day we’re all running towards the same goal. Not just at B2Run, but at AnyDesk as well.

Image source: B2Run

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