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Introducing our switch screen feature

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop application which allows you to remotely access and control any computer connected to the internet, Windows, Linux and macOS. It is 100% free for personal and non commercial purposes, for commercial use we have flexible plans for a price you´ll love. AnyDesk makes your daily routine easy!

Today we would like to introduce our switch sides feature. Imagine you need to show your client how something works on your computer, there is no need to close your session and open a new one the other way round. You only need to select the menu “Action” and then click on “switch sides”. Later, you can switch back by selecting the same command.

In which cases is this function extremely useful?

As mentioned earlier, sometimes during a support session, you might want to show something on your screen. For example, to explain the UI of your software application to your customer, who doesn’t have it filled with data, yet.
Or maybe for data protection reasons, you might want your customer to actively start a support session with you. Nothing easier! Just tell your customer your computer’s AnyDesk address and let him connect. Then, when the session is established, ask him to switch sides. Now you can start controling your customer’s computer like you usually do. It’s that simple!

AnyDesk is easy to buy, download and use. More than 10 million users in 80 countries trust us to connect remotely. We have different plans that are the best fit for your company. Get started and order here: https://anydesk.com/en/order

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