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German Men’s Professional Volleyball League opts for interactive streaming and chooses AnyDesk as their technology partner

Three men are sitting in front of the AnyDesk logo. The man in the middle is wearing a red jersey.

Stuttgart,12th October 2021. As the first professional sports league in the world, the German Men’s Volleyball Association will show all their matches on the streaming platform Twitch. As a technology partner, innovative sports content producer SPONTENT has secured the support of AnyDesk, one of the world’s leading providers of remote desktop software.

SPONTENT broadcasts more than 80 games live under the brand name “BOUNCE HOUSE” with extensive pre- and post-match coverage. Instead of a linear sports broadcast, those responsible are relying on end-to-end chat interactions, in-stream competitions, live voting and channel-specific emotes – a first in the professional sports business. The goal is interactive sports programming for a young audience, with four out of five viewers no older than 33.

The special feature in the men’s volleyball association is that the clubs produce the match signal themselves and broadcast it from their venue to the studio in Düsseldorf. This is a mammoth technical and organizational task for any one club to undertake, often requiring coordination between the studio and the local organizers. With the help of AnyDesk’s remote desktop software, producers can now provide flexible on-site support from the studio without time shifts.

“SPONTENT stands for modern and digital sports content. We definitely want to continue on this path to success. Already this summer, we consistently received positive feedback on the use of AnyDesk during the broadcast of three tournaments in Stuttgart and Berlin. I’m even happier that we, as a technology partner, have a real use case for AnyDesk on this project as well. This makes sports sponsorship fun,” says Philipp Weiser, CEO and founder of AnyDesk.

“AnyDesk is an elementary component for us in the implementation of the ‘BOUNCE HOUSE’ productions together with the clubs. Thanks to the remote control solution, we can provide on-site technical support for the productions at any time from our studio in Düsseldorf,” says Daniel Wernitz, Technical Manager at SPONTENT.

“Admittedly: We’ve been working with AnyDesk for months and have used the software at every turn. The fact that we are expanding the partnership makes me very happy. It’s a match!”, comments Alexander Walkenhorst, Managing Director at SPONTENT.

The next match day will take place on Saturday, October 16. It kicks off with the match between Herrsching and Lüneburg. The broadcast begins at 4:30 pm. Kickoff is at 17:30. You can find the Twitch channel at:

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Three men are sitting in front of the AnyDesk logo. The man in the middle is wearing a red jersey.

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