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Coding Together With AnyDesk

Coding Together With AnyDesk

We’re back with another installment in our series on more creative uses of AnyDesk. Last time, we looked at how Shining 3D recommends AnyDesk to its customers to create a mobile display so they can see exactly what they are scanning in real time. If you’re interested in learning more, have a look here .

This time, we’re going to talk to one of AnyDesk’s own developers. Ricky Szameitat has been using AnyDesk for several years now, not just for traditional remote access, but also as a collaborative development tool. “Let’s say a friend is coding a chat program and something isn’t working. I can connect to him and we can look at it. I can also make changes and remove the errors quickly,” he says.

“It’s a great way to work together when you can’t be together,” Ricky explained. “A friend was developing a program to discover mistakes and he had performance issues. We connected via AnyDesk and we were able to work out the problems together.”

AnyDesk wasn’t the first remote access program Ricky used for remote collaboration, first trying a well-known AnyDesk competitor. “It had a lot of restrictions. AnyDesk is much more user-friendly, and you don’t get blocked because they think you’re using it commercially.”

Now, that type of praise could be expected from someone who works for AnyDesk. However, Ricky has only been with the company for about a year, but he’s been using the software for nearly five years. In other words, he liked AnyDesk so much, he wanted to work for the company!

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