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AnyDesk for Architects – Take Your Projects with You Wherever You Go

AnyDesk for Architects

In our series on non-traditional uses of AnyDesk, we’ve gone over how to set up tutorials; how IT professionals can use AnyDesk to collaborate; and how AnyDesk helps create artificial limbs. Anything else?

Of course!

This time: Imagine you’re an architect preparing to present visualizations to your client, a young couple building their family home. Besides drawings and sketches, you also want to display rendered visuals of the house. However, the programs that produce these images are incredibly data intensive. At the same time, lugging around a high-powered notebook would cramp your hipster-cool image, and inviting clients to your messy studio isn’t the best idea.

This is where AnyDesk comes in. Just install it on a high-resolution tablet and the computer you use to produce visualizations. Then just connect the two devices when meeting with your clients. That allows them to scroll through the visuals comfortably on the tablet display with zero lag.

But wait: That’s not all! Say your clients want a slightly bigger kitchen or want to change some of the internal walls. Well, since you’re using your tablet to connect to your powerful desktop, you can make the alterations in CAD or any other software installed on your work PC and render the results so your clients can immediately see what their changes will look like. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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