Controlling User Access With The AnyDesk Whitelist

by Maria Alonso

AnyDesk 3.0 now lets you create a whitelist, ensuring that only those you want to have access to your devices do. You can select individual users as well as your entire company with anydesk alias (@company). This feature has been highly requested by our customers and it´s specially interesting to prevent access from unauthorized devices. Security is our priority, and if it´s yours too, then you should take a quick look at our article.


After months of developing and testing our Android version is almost ready and coming sooner than you think. In the meantime, you can enjoy and test our alpha version. Want to find out more? Then you should read this blog article!

Upcoming 2017 releases at AnyDesk

by Maria Alonso

Get ready for the latest and greatest releases from AnyDesk! Here are a few of our upcoming releases with some key features and updates to look forward to. Take a look at this article to learn more about each one.