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“With AnyDesk we avoid constant travel to visit our customers: We are saving time and money!”

This week we had the opportunity to interview our client Luis Fernando Riveros, IT Director at „Critical Security“, a Colombian company founded in 2013 and specialized in providing IT security services associated with the operation and maintenance of infrastructure for data and highly confidential information. The company performs installation, modification and strengthening of IT projects for clients in different industries such as retail, public administration, health sector, mass media, etc.

How did you get to know AnyDesk and how long have you been using our services?

Two years ago, we were looking for a safe remote desktop software, quick to implement and with mandatory authorization by the user as a condition of connection. After finding AnyDesk, speaking with our specialists and a successful outcome of a few weeks of testing, we decided on AnyDesk Professional as our remote support solution.

Why did you choose our product? What distinguishes us from the competition?

The main reasons why we chose AnyDesk as our remote desktop software are the following:

  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Simple and fast installation process
  • Easy to use and implement, no configuration necessary. Even for customers who have less experience with computers.
  • Use of TCP Ports that are not known by default (and modification)
  • Mandatory authorization by the user, although unattended connection is also possible
  • Great performance in transferring data from one PC to another, including audio and video
    Multi-platform software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Customization with our company logo
  • The software passed the security vulnerabilities test that we applied

How often do you use AnyDesk and how does it facilitate your daily work?

We use AnyDesk on a daily basis, it is now our primary tool for communication and support with customers. Before discovering your software we often needed to travel to our customers‘ place to deliver support on site. Now our technicians and engineers are able to connect remotely with clients and we avoid traveling across the country. Our clients are based in different cities such as Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla y Bucaramango.
To sumarize:

  • The ability to immediately deliver support to customers, across the whole the country, no matter where they are.
  • Operational efficiency: saving time and money by removing the need to travel to each customer’s location

Could you tell us what the main advantages of using AnyDesk are?

Basically no matter who uses AnyDesk, everyone can easily understand how it works. It´s user friendly, which is crucial because not all our customers understand much about IT.
The remote desktop software is lightweight, a small file of just one megabyte. Downloaded in a glimpse, AnyDesk turns any desktop into our desktop within seconds, with no administrative privileges or installation needed. 
Furthemore, we take security very seriously and Anydesk meets all conditions for secure remote connections: it offers TLS1.2 based encryption which is also used in online banking.

AnyDesk really was the perfect choice for us.

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