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What’s New? A Walk Through AnyDesk’s New Version 5


We worked intensively on the new AnyDesk Version 5 in order to provide our users with an optimal experience. Our customers provided us with feedback and listed their wishes, and we came back with new features tailored towards our customers’ needs.

Andy is one of those customers.

He’s on a business trip right now and is getting a call from his colleague Bob who has a problem with his PC at the main office. He needs Andy’s help!

Andy sighs and takes a look at his watch. Actually, he barely has time for Bob at the moment and so he remembers how remote maintenance used to be before AnyDesk: complicated and tedious.

Good thing Andy has the new AnyDesk Version 5. Thanks to AnyDesk, remote maintenance is easier than it’s ever been.

Andy wonders: “What has changed from the earlier version? Has it really become even easier to help Bob from the other side of the world? Full of zeal, Andy rubs his hands and flips open his laptop.

A New Interface!

As soon as he starts AnyDesk, Andy notices the new interface because the display – which had a more static design before – can be customized to his needs. For example, he can arrange the display of his recent contacts: He can show all, show fewer, view them in list-form, with or without details, or simply show a thumbnail. The possibilities are nearly endless! Andy is delighted.


What’s that? As Andy is exploring the new user interface, he notices that his neighbour’s device is displayed on his home window even though he’s never connected to him and he’s not listed in his address book. How is that possible? Well, AnyDesk is installed on his neighbour’s PC and he’s part of the same network as Andy. With the auto-discovery feature, these devices can find each other automatically.

New Address Book!

Andy is intrigued, but he can’t dwell on it for too long. Duty calls! He quickly searches for his colleague Bob in his address book and even though the new display is tidy and clear – he can’t find him. His entries aren’t sorted. Therefore, he decides to reorganize his address book. He quickly moves his contacts around using drag and drop. Did Andy forget to add Bob to his address book?

Auto Add to Address Book!

That’s impossible, since they’re both Custom Clients in the same network. When Bob installed AnyDesk Version 5, he was added to Andy’s address book automatically, and lo and behold – Andy finds Bob pretty easily!

Custom Clients Password!

Bob also had a password assigned to his device when he installed AnyDesk – another new feature of AnyDesk Version 5! Andy can now easily connect to Bob via that password, which saves him even more time.

Onscreen Whiteboard!

Andy found and connected to Bob much quicker than expected. He now has enough time to figure out how to efficiently help Bob. The onscreen whiteboard catches his attention. He uses arrows and sketches to precisely instruct his colleague and help him with his problem. Bob’s cursor races over the screen, searching for his target while Andy just taps on whatever Bob needs to click.

Remote Printing!

Bob’s problem has been resolved. As Andy ends the session, he realizes that he forgot to print out an important document from the office. None of his colleagues has that document – there’s no one to send it to him.

Andy is relieved when he remembers that there’s a new remote printing feature. He just has to connect to his PC at the main office and print out the document on a printer that is standing right next to him – on the other side of the world.

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