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Take a sneak peek at AnyDesk 3.0

At AnyDesk we work hard to add new features and functionality that help organizations fix problems more efficiently and effectively, while providing the best support experience possible. Our upcoming version, AnyDesk 3.0 will be launch soon and it includes new features and productivity enhacements based on the feedback from our faithful users. Here´s a quick summary of them:

Address Book Management

With the new AnyDesk 3.0 address book, you always have all the computers that you want to remotely control together in one convenient place. With the new and innovative tagging system, you can set up groups, and directly access the computer that you want to control remotely with just one click. Add some computers to you favourites, and they will always show up at the start of the list. And all address books are synchronized between your Professional license’s AnyDesk installations. But even without an address book, you can take advantage of our new contact management system. We’ve added an advanced view to the speed dial that let’s you use the whole window for your contacts instead of just one row. And it has a searchbox, too.

Online Status

All tiles in the address book and the speed dial now show the online status of the corresponding computer. So you can see at a clance, which computers you can connect to.


To start a session, you need the computer’s AnyDesk address. The request must then be confirmed by the computer user before the session is established. The whitelist sets out exactly who is authorised to access your computer. This ensures that nobody who isn’t authorised to do so can start a session. The whitelist could contain all the computers in your IT department, for example. Or perhaps just your own personal laptop, so that requests can only be made from there.

Session Window Redesign

For every connection request, a popup window appears on the host computer, which must be acknowledged if unattended access with password hasn’t been set up. In Version 3.0, this window received some love. It not displays multiple incoming sessions in a single window, so you don’t have lots of session windows open if many people are viewing your desktop (e.g. if you hold a presentation).


To make the life of IT admins easier, the custom client can now include the licence key (MSI and EXE), so you don’t need to set it manually or by script anymore.

New Design

Last but not least, our program interface has undergone a complete refresh. Everything now shines with a contemporary sheen that blends in well with modern Windows systems. We love it, and your staff and clients will also come to do so.

Most of the new features and enhancements mentioned before are based on the feedback we received from you. A big thank you to all our faithful users for helping us to improve our product. If you have feature requests and ideas you would like to see in our incoming versions, please feel free to share your thoughts in our community: www.support.anydesk.com
AnyDesk 3.0 beta will be available in the next days, stay tuned!