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Stunning news to end the week: AnyDesk for iOS & Android now available!

You have used AnyDesk to remotely control and support other people´s PCs for a long time. It´s the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to get remote access to the computers of clients, friends and colleagues. Imagine that you´re on the go sitting on the train, having a coffee or waiting at the airport and you need to solve a technical problem or simply access to your computer, now this is possible with AnyDesk mobile: only a few clicks- right in the palm of your hand, with your Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone or iPad. Just download it from the App Store and enjoy!

From your mobile to any desktop, anywhere.

  • Access a computer from any iPhone, iPad or Android device. View the remote desktop to diagnose and resolve issues from the comfort of the palm of your hand.
  • Access a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) from your mobile device.
  • View the desk of a remote computer.
  • Remotely control keyboard and mouse.
  • Easily chat with a remote user.

Get Started!

1. Install this app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Start AnyDesk on a remote computer: Just, download the program file from our website anydesk.com to the computer and start it there by double clicking. This will show you the AnyDesk ID of the computer.

3. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet and enter the AnyDesk ID.

How to get AnyDesk Mobile

AnyDesk apps are now available for Android and iOS and can be installed via Google Play and the Apple App Store:


If you´re a private user you can use AnyDesk for free and without registration. For commercial purposes, our licenses AnyDesk Lite and AnyDesk Professional are available starting at 60 and 180 euros per year respectively. Get additional information here: http://anydesk.de/order

We hope you enjoy our App and don´t forget to rate it in the stores 🙂