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Six Things to Do Instead of Commuting

Six Things to Do Instead of Commuting

Commuting times are on the rise! Studies show that we spend an increasing amount of time on our way to and from work. Of course, there are tons of ways to be productive on your commute, but that leads to a less active lifestyle, higher expenditures, and more stress each day.

The solution is simple: A growing number of people are eliminating their commutes altogether by working remotely. Tools like remote desktop software make this transformation possible.

Here are some ideas how you can use your newly-found free time.

1. Do yoga

Your train is late? Stress. You’re stuck in traffic? Stress. How about lowering your blood pressure instead? Yoga increases your mental harmony and mindfulness and it’s a lot more relaxing than the relentless honking of cars on your way to work.

2. Go for a walk

Instead of observing nature from a seated position on the train, you can actually immerse yourself in it. Take in the fresh air instead of the dust from your train seat or the exhaust from other cars.

3. Go to the gym

Instead of slouching in the car seat and getting back pain, you can build up your muscles. Challenge yourself on the treadmill and try to run as far as your commute to work would be. Not to mention that cardio training is a lot easier on your heart than road rage.

4. Sleep in a little longer

Press the snooze button instead of rushing to the train which of course is delayed anyway. Getting enough sleep fuels the brain and certainly gives you more energy than the coffee you spill while running to catch the bus.

5. Socialize

“I can’t hear you, I’m in a tunnel.”

“This is my stop, I’ll call you after work.”

“Sorry, there was an announcement over the loudspeaker. What did you say?”

Enough! Go visit your loved ones and give them a hug.

6. Donate to charity

Reducing commutes is good for the environment and you can make the world an even better place with the money you save on gas or train tickets.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? If your profession allows it, there’s nothing wrong with asking your boss to work remotely, even if it’s only part time.

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