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Remote Work: 3 Tips for More Productivity

Work from Home

If you start telecommuting, here are some tips to boost your productivity:

  • Create a Routine!

Are you a morning person? Can you get up at 6am and run a marathon, or do you need a plethora of coffee to wake up and you still feel like your day is ruined? Find out when your productivity peaks during the day and plan your working hours accordingly.

  • Don’t Let Your Personal Life Blend into Your Work Life!

Again, you need to structure your day in your home office. This isn’t just about time, but space as well. Your office and your home are technically the same place now, making it harder to keep them separate. Even when you’re done at work, you’re still at work.

If you can, set up a workspace that allows you to “sign out.” This includes a desk you only use for work and, if you can, separate devices for work and free time.

As with anything, rules and self-discipline are key.

  • Keep Moving!

It’s tempting to stay home all day, but a healthy lifestyle means being active. Go outside, get some fresh air, and schedule time for a workout. Socializing is a big part of life, too, so don’t seal yourself off from friends and family. Now you’re ready to start working remotely in a productive way without the noise and stress of the office, but without any losses in connectivity.