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Prescreen: the applicant tracking system of the future, uses AnyDesk.

AnyDesk and Prescreen are a powerful combo when it comes to recruiting tracking system and remote desktop software. Both companies are passionate about delivering the best user experience that stands out of the rest.

In the last two years Prescreen has experienced a strong business growth, this meaning lots of new clients but also support enquires. They started the search for an effective remote support solution to easily connect with their clients, which are located all across the word.

Prescreen defined the following criteria for the solution they required:

  • No lags, high image resolution and quick responsiveness
  • Instant and easy communication between support team and clients
  • It must be completely secure
  • Affordable price model

„Before using AnyDesk we tested several software solutions but the results were not satisfying, mainly due to image quality. We looked at a couple of remote support solutions but after we tried AnyDesk, we realized it fits all our needs. The most important thing to us in the selection process was, a quick image transmission. Nothing is more frustrating for the potential customer than a pendant and faltering image screen during the online product presentation or support session.AnyDesk provide us a considerably better image resolution and responsivenesses that the other softwares we have tried.
Thanks to AnyDesk our team can deliver secure, real-time support for all our clients, regardless of location. In a few words: quick, safe and user friendly“ says Dominik Hackl, co-funder of Prescreen.

How did you integrate AnyDesk into your business solution? If you want to share your success story within our blog, please contact us by writing an e-mail at sales@anydesk.com

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