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Now Available: AnyDesk 3.4.1 with Multi-Addressbook & Session Comments

Updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability and security of the applications that run on your computer. Installing them ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently. At AnyDesk we are committed to continually enhancing our products that help tech support organizations and professionals fix problems more efficiently and effectively. Our latest update for Windows includes two new features highly awaited by our clients.


Our Address book is extremely important for everyone who wants to take full advantage of AnyDesk. It allows you to always have all the computers that you want to remotely control together in one convenient place. With our innovative tagging system, you can set up groups, and directly access the computer that you want to control remotely with just one click. Add some computers to your favorites, and they will always show up at the start of the list. And all address books are synchronized between your Professional license’s AnyDesk installations.

The good news is that AnyDesk 3.4.1 now supports multiple address books. They can be added (up to a certain limit) and deleted. The number of available address books depends on your license.

Perhaps you’re an IT Admin with a couple of hundred devices assigned to your account. With this new feature you can now create an own address book for every company or department you support.

A new address book with multiple users and user rights will follow soon. We’re working hard, stay tuned!

Session Comments

After the end of a logged AnyDesk connection a new window will open and you will be able to add a comment about the session in this window. The comment can then be looked up on my.anydesk.com. If you don’t want to comment, just leave this field blank. You can also deactivate this feature by accessing the “Options” tab of AnyDesk.

Are you the company admin?  Chances are you’re often contacted by colleagues who need your help. You can now support an employee and when the session ends document what you have done by adding a comment (“fixed printer driver”). This way, everything is documented and can be looked up later.

Do you work for an IT support company? You can use this feature to exactly document what you did for your customers.  This adds value to our existing session list feature of my.anydesk.com and facilitates billing.  Using the REST api, the customer could even automatically add the session comment (“installed Word 2013”) with the start and end time of the support to an invoice.

Please note that in order to use our new features you will need a Professional License. You can get a free trial by filling in this form: http://anydesk.com/trial-licence

How do I update to the latest version of AnyDesk?

AnyDesk does not update automatically. The update process has to be initiated manually. When a new version is available, this is indicated by the blue box in the connection tab. Click on the link showing the latest version number to update AnyDesk. The good news is that our updates are for free and all our versions are compatible with each other.

We value your feedback!

AnyDesk has been downloaded more than 25 million times. Customers from 180 countries are using AnyDesk for remote support. We appreciate your feedback, if you have feature requests and ideas you would like to see in our incoming versions, please feel free to share your thoughts in our community: http://support.anydesk.com/