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Keep it Safe – 3 Simple Rules for Using Remote Desktop Software

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So raise your hand if you’ve never been fooled by something fake on the internet. Did you think that shark swimming in a flooded shopping mall was real? How many times has a Nigerian Prince offered you millions? Do those pills really work?

Considering all the information available on the internet, sometimes it’s hard to recognize the real from the fake; the honest business from the scam. The only way to approach the problem is armed with as much knowledge as possible. That’s true of everything from buying kitty litter for your cat from your favorite internet retailer to using AnyDesk’s remote access software. Fortunately, the basic rules for using AnyDesk safely are pretty much the same as for your credit card, email account, or any other personal data: keep it safe!

You many encounter myths out there in the wilds of the internet saying that remote access software like AnyDesk could be malicious. We can’t speak for all remote access software, but AnyDesk will never touch your personal data, bank or financial information, or any other data on your computer. Our software is the best solution to connect one device to another to perform maintenance, do work on the host station, or even give a tutorial. The key point is that access to the host device must be granted by its owner, and this is where the need for caution comes in.

Can you imagine that someone claiming to be from your bank calls you from an unknown number and asks for your credit card number, expiration date, and security code? You wouldn’t give it to them would you? Of course not! It’s the same with AnyDesk. If a stranger contacts you claiming to be from your bank, insurer, or mobile operator asking to access your computer using AnyDesk, you shouldn’t grant it to them. Instead, contact the company to see if the request is real.

Once you do install AnyDesk, however, you’ll be able to access the device from where ever, whenever. AnyDesk will allow you to be on the go if your computer can’t be, or help loved ones with their computer trouble. Work when you need to, anytime, anywhere, AnyDesk.