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Introducing AnyDesk 2.3.6 for Linux

What to expect in our new version

AnyDesk 2.3.6 includes a number of enhancements related to security and usability based on feedback from our faithful Linux users. See below a quick summary of the most important new features and changes you will enjoy with our last update:

  • Improved security through input blocker: With AnyDesk, you should always have the last word say in control of your PC. That’s why if someone controls your PC from remote, you can always block their input by moving the mouse.
  • Changed default interactive access setting: By default, the ”Accept” Window will now only pop up if the AnyDesk window is currently open. Unattended access with a password is still possible at any time. This prevents you from accidentally granting a stranger access to your PC.
  • Switch sides option: Let’s say you’re controlling your customer’s computer and you would like to explain something to them. Why not show them on your local desktop? You can do this using the ”Switch sides” command. This feature is also handy if you would like your customer to actively initiate the AnyDesk session (e.g. for legal reasons). Just let your customer connect to your computer and then switch sides to give you control.
  • Bidirectional file transfer: File transfer was very limited with the linux version. Now, it is no problem to send and receive files with any Linux computer.
  • Proxy support: The Linux version now also comes with basic support for proxy servers. So, if you have a LAN with a proxy server and would like to use AnyDesk for Linux, it is now possible to configure AnyDesk to use your proxy server.

Last but not least the best thing for our Professional and Enterprise customers: finally, the Linux version is available as a custom client from my.anydesk.com Thank you for being so patient!

How to get AnyDesk version 2.3.6

As you know, all our software upgrades are for free. The latest version 2.3.6 of AnyDesk for Linux can be downloaded from anydesk.com/platforms either as a program package or as a .tar.gz file for manual installation.

We value your feedback!

Most of the new features and enhancements are based on the feedback we received from you. Thank you again to all our Linux users, you have helped us to improve our product. If you would like to see something added to AnyDesk, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts in our community: http://support.anydesk.com/