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How to Set Up Your Remote Workspace

5 useful tips to make your home office more efficient

Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home can increase productivity and decrease stress. Research also suggests that companies who have a work from culture also save money in the long term. With remote desktop applications such as AnyDesk, video chats, conference calls, VPN networks and internet, we can constantly stay connected no matter where we are. We know that working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds: reduced space and distractions may be plentiful, but here are our tips to make your days more productive:

Have efficent technology

Speed and efficiency are essential when working from home. Make sure that your computer, internet, cell phone and other equipment will be appropriate for what you need to do. If you use power-demanding software, you will need a computer that has enough processing power, large memory and a big hard drive. We also suggest to get local IT support that can take care of your issues in case you need it. Make sure to have programs that will enable you to meet and collaborate with your team. Your success here will depend on a good selection of collaboration tools, such as AnyDesk: we are the fastest remote desktop software on the market. It allows for new usage scenarios and applications that have not been possible with current remote desktop software. This applies in particular to home office scenarios as working remotely with AnyDesk is truly fluent and efficient.

Lighting really matters

You can set up your home office anywhere in the house, but in an optimal scenario, you should have plenty of windows and natural light. But if your home office is down in your basement, garage or any other spot that can’t get sunlight, try to keep the place bright by using overhead lighting and stand-up lamps. It has been tested that good lighting can boost your mood, energy and productivity.

Make it comfortable

Believe it or not, ergonomics can make your job much easier and enjoyable. Adopting good practices it´s key to reduce pain and discomfort. Be sure to get an ergonomic desk chair with adjustable height and armrests and place the monitor directly in front of you to avoid excessive neck twisting. Your desktop should be organized in a way that your frequently used objects are close to you. All these elements are important in order to design an efficient work space at home.

Make the workspace a single-purpose area.

If you decide to work from home for a long term, you should pick a room where you don´t need to do anything else. Other added purposes will only distract you from your work. Try to separate what´s personal from what´s work- related: keep this spot as distinct from your other rooms as possible: such distinction can have a psychological effect on how you divide work and personal life. Remember to keep it clean and tidy: When your desk is full of items and your work space is messy, it gets difficult to concentrate and get things done. Create compartments, shelves and containers for all the things that need to be stored and get rid of all the things that don’t belong there.

Be organized

It’s important to have the discipline and self-motivation to meet deadlines. Don’t let the fact that you’re working from home influence you when creating your schedule. Set up an alarm in the morning and set a goal each day, according to the tasks that need to be completed. A daily to-do list will help keep you on track and reduce your habit to procrastinate. You should finish all your work by a certain time you’ve decided on.

We strongly believe that if your home office is arranged so you can work efficiently and comfortable, you´ll enjoy the benefit so much more. Do you have any other tips to share with us?

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