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How AnyDesk Helps Shining 3D’s Customers Create Artificial Limbs

Ein Scan Plus

Remote access isn’t just a tool to fix computers when you can’t be in the same room as the machine. Accessing a remote device can be a handy aid in a number of other situations, making life easier and more convenient. In this series, we’ll describe some other uses for AnyDesk’s remote access software that you probably hadn’t thought of.

 Shining 3D, the maker of highly-advanced 3D scanners and printers with customers in over 70 countries around the world, is one company that discovered AnyDesk’s low latency, high image quality, and excellent speed could help make using their products more convenient.

When scanning with Shining 3D’s EinScan Pro Series, including the Pro, Pro=, 2x, and 2XPlus scanners, users need to monitor the process to ensure a good result. However, as the scanner is connected to a powerful desktop computer, it’s not always possible to set up the scanner and PC in a convenient way so that the display can be easily seen while scanning. This is especially true when using tools like hand-held scanners that need to move around an object to capture its precise shape.

“We have a special holder where the user puts a mobile phone. The user then connects the phone to the PC via AnyDesk and thus can monitor the scanning on their phone right in front of them, instead of having to turn or run to the computer to check the result,” said David Willers, an application engineer at 3D Scanning.

Not all remote access solutions could perform this function as well as AnyDesk, however. Its proprietary DeskRT codec achieves far-greater compression than its competitors, which means a cleaner, more detailed image to observe the intricacies of the scanned item. This is especially important in areas like medicine, where scanners from Shining 3D help design and create new artificial human limbs and dental prostheses. Its products are also used at schools and universities and in niche industries like the creation of out-of-stock parts for classic cars.

The EinScan Pro from Shining 3D along with Shining 3D handheld scanners were used by The Drum Tower Hospital, affiliated to the Medical School of Nanjing University, to create personalized heel cups. These treat patients suffering from plantar heel pain, a debilitating condition that causes a significant level of discomfort. Shining 3D’s equipment also serves Dutch-based EXO-L to scan patients’ ankles and create custom braces, providing the user the ultimate level of protection, freedom of movement, and comfort.

“It’s extremely stable. I’ve never had a problem with it failing,” David said of AnyDesk’s other benefits. “It’s also very easy to use,” he noted, adding the software’s user-friendliness is one of the reasons Shining 3D recommends AnyDesk to its users. “We tell them that it’s not our software, but that they should download it to their phone and PC. We’ve been doing that for about 18 months now,” David added.

If AnyDesk is so good that it helps make new arms and legs for people, isn’t it good enough for your business? Watch this space where we will profile other alternative uses for AnyDesk that could benefit you.

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