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Customizing AnyDesk

AnyDesk is customizable. With our Professional or Enterprise license you can create your own version of AnyDesk, which we call “custom client”.
Custom clients are completely independent of the standard AnyDesk installation and other customer modules. This means that AnyDesk clients can be installed alongside each other without causing conflicts.
The client generator web interface will show a preview image with the selected options. Here is a short overview of the options which can be customized at the moment by accessing “Customize AnyDesk” in the “License” tab:

File Type

This enables you to select a file type you want to generate. Use an .exe file if you plan to deploy the customized AnyDesk on a web site. Use a MSI file in order to deploy AnyDesk in a domain. Packages for Linux and macOS can also be selected here.

Connection Types

You can generate a customer module intended for performing different roles:

  • In and outgoing sessions. This generates a full AnyDesk client.
  • Incoming sessions only. Use this if you want to use the module to send to customers for remote support.
  • Outgoing sessions only. This module type can be useful for thin clients for example.

Other capabilities (only for .exe files)

For .exe files, you can also specify whether your custom client can be installed and whether administrator privileges are to be requested directly on startup.

Program name (only for .msi files)

Here you can enter the name of your custom client. This appears as a folder name in the ” “Start” menu and is required for the uninstall feature. We recommend using your company name or a unique abbreviation.


This is highly recommended to maintain a consistent support experience for your customers and build brand loyalty. Here you can specify a separate logo for the output file, for example your company logo, that will appear in the user interface instead of the AnyDesk logo.

Click on “Download AnyDesk”

After customizing your options, the module will be generated and can be downloaded using the button.
Customer modules have a pink AnyDesk icon. You are free to distribute the customer module or put it onto your web site for downloading.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of customizing AnyDesk, make sure you get our Professional or Enterprise license. You can purchase it here: www.anydesk.com/order 
We also offer free trials for 14 days, please contact us at sales@anydesk.com if you are interested.

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