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Commemorating International Worker’s Day

How AnyDesk Contributes to a Better Work Environment

May is here!

Every year on May 1st, the world celebrates International Worker’s Day, which is also known as Labor Day or in AnyDesk’s home country Germany it’s called the Day of Work. Clearly, it’s a day that has many names and aspects.

However, the spirit of this holiday hasn’t changed much over the years. All across the world, May 1st is about workers and the progress they have made in a number of areas and a desire to improve their lives.

Enhancing the quality of your day-to-day work life is exactly what AnyDesk stands for. We’d like to celebrate the holiday by reflecting on how we can contribute to a better work environment.

Working Together

Just like International Worker’s Day, AnyDesk is mainly here to bring people together: not just employers and employees, but also our users. We’re all striving for a better and simpler life. AnyDesk is a perfect tool to achieve this goal on a global level. You can reach employees and customers from all across the globe and offer remote support or share data. It’s globalization on an interpersonal level, helping to build understanding and soften hierarchical structures within a company.

It makes huge strides towards a greater spirit of community: People can connect, share data, and help each other. But we can go even further: Let’s try to continue improving with AnyDesk.

Working Easier

At the end of the day, International Worker’s Day is a day commemorating how far we’ve come. Today, you can work from home with AnyDesk because you can connect to your office PC at any time. That means freedom. It allows you to structure your work day according to your needs.

Remote access is its own little revolution in the new digital work landscape. So, whether it’s an official holiday in your country or not, you can still take a moment to relax and slow down. Working is now much more efficient and easy with AnyDesk, giving you more time for your friends and family, and for yourself.