The new version of AnyDesk 2.6.1 for Linux is here!

by Maria Alonso

Whether you need to help someone troubleshoot a technical issue, access your PC files from work or show a presentation slide deck to your department: we provide the most effective and fastest remote support tool on the market. AnyDesk will turn any desktop into your desktop in seconds. Here is a quick summary of some of the new functionality and improvements you'll enjoy with AnyDesk 2.6.1. for Linux.

Version 2.6.1 highlights

  • Implemented remote reboot menu to reboot Windows machines: you now have the option to reboot the remote computer without the need of a person on the other side to let you in again. Your session will automatically be restored once the remote machine is back up.
  • Added the "show remote cursor" feature: this allows you to show the mouse cursor of the remote computer you are connected to. This is especially useful if you are working together and need to show and discuss some points on the screen.
  • We´ve split up the session Menus in Linux like in Windows: now you will get to enjoy a new redesign, user friendly and intuitive.


AnyDesk is faster

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop software in the world. So fast that it virtually disappears. You won’t be able to tell whether you’re at your own computer or operating it remotely with AnyDesk. This makes applications possible that would be unthinkable using other remote desktop software.


Thank you for your feedback

The new features and improvements mentioned before are based on the feedback we received from you. A big thank you to all our faithful Linux users for helping us to improve our product. If you have feature requests and ideas you would like to see in our incoming versions, please feel free to share your thoughts in our community:


How to get AnyDesk 2.6.1 for Linux

As always, all our software upgrades are for free and all program versions are compatible with one another. The latest version 2.6.1 AnyDesk for Linux can be downloaded from either as a program package or as a .tar.gz file for manual installation.

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