Take a sneak peek into our upcoming release: AnyDesk for iOS

by Maria Alonso

It´s a 24x7 job. For some of us, support knows no bounds- even when we´re on the go. If some of our systems goes down, that may represent loss of revenue and value. Thankfully, the mobile version of AnyDesk are almost here (for iOS and Android) with great advantages: support your friends and clients spontaneously, access your office desktop from anywhere or remotely administer unattended computers. Here are some of our iOS App latest screenshots:



In today’s always-on world, our customers are expected to provide immediate support even when they aren’t behind a desk or at their computer. AnyDesk is not only the fastest remote desktop solution, we´re also dedicated to help you do your work effectively and securely, no matter where you are.

AnyDesk for iOS will be free for non- commercial use, support family and friends or access your own computer on the go. Soon available in your iPhone or iPad at the App Store. We will keep you posted!

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