Now Available: AnyDesk 3.0 with Adress book management

by Maria Alonso

Whether you need to share a slide deck, help someone troubleshoot a technical issue, access your PC files from work or give a presentation to your department: we provide the most effective and fastest remote support tool in the market. AnyDesk will turn any desktop into your desktop in seconds. Here is a quick summary of some of the new functionality and improvements you'll enjoy with AnyDesk 3.0:

Address Book Management & other incredible features

The most important new feature in AnyDesk 3.0 is our integrated address book. The address book is synchronized between all seats of your "AnyDesk Professional"-license and lets you comfortably manage computers and contacts using our innovative hierarchical tagging system. Tags can be used to create groups so that professional users can more easily organise their customers or frequently used remote maintenance partners. For example, queries like "all Windows 7 PCs from the sales department of customer A" are possible.
The speed dial tiles show the online status of the respective computers directly in the address book. This allows users to see which of their contacts are available or offline at a glance.
Other new features and improvements in AnyDesk 3.0 include an upgraded user interface, bookmarking of favourites and individual sorting options in the speed dial list as well as an optimised chat view. Furthermore, our program interface has undergone a complete refresh. Everything now shines with a contemporary sheen that blends in well with modern Windows systems. We love it, and your staff and clients will also come to do so.

Focus on privacy and security

As you know, we take security very seriously and this was a central aspect in the development of AnyDesk 3.0. Your valuable data stays at home. Your computers cannot be seen by unauthorised parties. Because remote operation is protected using the same technology used in online banking, with forgery-proof TLS 1.2 encryption and Erlang technology. It couldn’t be more secure.

Four good reasons to switch to AnyDesk

  • With AnyDesk, you have direct access to your computers. Without detours via insecure clouds.
  • AnyDesk is universally deployable, for all operating systems and application areas.
  • AnyDesk undergoes continuous development by an independent German business, in the interests of its customers.
  • AnyDesk frees you from expensive program updates and hidden costs. Because all updates are free of charge, and all program versions are always compatible with one another.

Our beta version AnyDesk 3.0 for Windows can be downloaded from as a program package. The versions for macOS and Linux will follow shortly.
A big thank you to the great feedback and support from our customers. You can let us know what you think of AnyDesk 3.0 in our community forum:

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