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Atera and AnyDesk – Where the Hassle Ends and Simplicity Starts

AnyDesk now integrates with Atera

Atera Integrates AnyDesk for Maximum Efficiency

During the last year, companies had to rapidly digitize their processes. Many had to establish a new way of working faster than they ever had to before. Digital transformation was the talk of the town. And it became more and more obvious that using the right software and tools was the key to success. But finding exactly what tools were needed became a real challenge due to an abundance of options. Having just one place to go to get everything necessary sounded like heaven. Exciting news: This place really exits!

New Tools for More Productivity

But first things first: What is the right software? Certainly, nothing that makes life even more complicated. At AnyDesk, we are happy to support hundreds of thousands of customers who work remotely each day. Our software is easy to implement and scores with an intuitive usage. But thinking one step further: What would make life even easier for our customers?

A strong collaboration with a partner that shares the same values, that is focused on simplicity and efficiency as much as we are! And this is where Atera comes in. With their vision to simplify and streamline the work of Managed Service Providers and IT professionals, they are the perfect fit. Atera offers a cloud-based, all-encompassing platform for predictive automation and remote monitoring and management (RMM). And AnyDesk is now integrated into their platform.

Everything in One Place

One software tool is often not enough to work efficiently. AnyDesk offers the perfect software for remote access. It is used to work from home, or to give IT support – all with the highest security standards. But what if you need more? What if your IT support needs ticketing or your help desk requires customer satisfaction surveying?

SMBs especially have neither the time nor the capacity for a lot of investigation and time-consuming research to find all the different software solutions that suit their needs. Instead, they can work with Atera’s platform, where everything is already integrated – including AnyDesk for Remote Access. With Atera, processes can be automated. For example, you can set alerts and a ticket will be created automatically after an alert was received.

These processes help to save time and money. The Atera dashboard is as intuitive to use as the AnyDesk application itself. Additionally, many different bills from different software providers are now a thing of the past. There will be only one, coming from Atera. Everything at a glance – no hassle, just simplicity in every way.

How the Integration Works

AnyDesk is fully integrated in Atera’s all-in-one suite and in their subscription model. If AnyDesk is selected as default remote access solution, our client is installed on all devices via the Atera agent. Of course, this agent needs to be installed beforehand.

As soon as this is done, a remote connection with AnyDesk is only a few clicks away. Once you click the connect button, a pop-up window with the password for Unattended Access appears. This password is time-based and expires after a short time.

Click the blue button to open the AnyDesk application. To start the connection, you only have to insert the password. That’s it!

Ready for the Future of Work?

Having the all-in-one solution from Atera with AnyDesk helps to work more efficiently and gives time to focus on more important things, such as an even better support for customers.

Interested in building a partnership with AnyDesk and becoming an Integration Partner? We are looking forward to hearing from you. Be part of a growing integration network.

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