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AnyDesk’s PowerUser Option: More Bang for your Buck!

When thinking about buying their license, our clients often ask about our PowerUser-option. What is PowerUser? Do I need to buy it? Can I really have an unlimited number of sessions open? Do I need to buy this feature for each seat? Find all your answers and detailed information in this article…

Ok, let’s start from the beginning:

All AnyDesk licenses come with a pool, containing a certain number of concurrent sessions. For instance, if your Professional license has five concurrent sessions, five users can have one session each, one user can have five sessions, or everything in between (e.g. one user two sessions and another user three sessions).

But next Saturday, I would like to install updates on my customer’s PC pool. I want to connect to every PC at the same time, so that I can cycle through them and make adjustments here and there. Will I have to add over 20 concurrent sessions to my Professional license? That would be really expensive! It sounds like you’re a power user who needs PowerUser.

What is PowerUser?

PowerUser is a tariff option that converts your license’s concurrent AnyDesk sessions into what we call “active seats”. From an active seat, you can open as many sessions to other PCs as you like – there’s no limit.

So, does it mean that from my PC I could have, say, 100 simultaneous sessions?

Yes, it does. With PowerUser, you can open all the sessions you need from an active seat, at the same time. No need to close a session in order to open a new one.

Okay, fair enough. But what is a seat?

A seat is an AnyDesk installation that has been linked to your license. You use it to connect remotely into another host computer (e.g. a remote machine, a server, etc.), or to receive connections (e.g. to present your screen). So, the license’s number of seats matches the number of PCs that your license can be used from. This number may be limited depending on your license.

Fine, so what makes a seat active?

An active seat is a seat that currently has at least one session open. Even though the number of seats is unlimited for Professional and Enterprise licenses, the number of active seats is always limited and corresponds to the number of simultaneous sessions included in your license.

PowerUser sounds good, but do I really need it? What are the main uses of this feature?

As we mentioned earlier, we highly recommend PowerUser if you’re an IT technician and you need to make changes to a large pool of customer PCs: remote updates have never been so easy and efficient.

But keep in mind: PowerUser also works for incoming AnyDesk sessions. If you’re into online presentations such as webinars, PowerUser allows you to share your screen with multiple attendees. This option is frequently used by our customers who perform online training programs with students located in different parts across the globe.

If I want several active seats, do I need to buy PowerUser multiple times — to convert every session?

No. By buying PowerUser, all your sessions are converted into active seats. Let’s say you have three support technicians and you don’t know how many sessions they will open in total. You can simply order a Professional license with two additional sessions (three in total) and the PowerUser option and you’re 100% covered.

Okay, I’m sold! Is the PowerUser option available for all the AnyDesk licenses?

No, this option is only available with our Professional and Enterprise plans. But since you’re a power user, you would’ve picked one of them anyway, right?